1. B

    What’s something you’re animal companion does that you find insanely hot?

    I’ll go first. If I’m on the computer or at the table my golden retriever girl Will literally go under the table and sniff me. If I still don’t respond to her she will back up into my crotch look back and stair at me like she’s saying "wanna fuck?” Then I’ll typically say “OK I’ll fuck you”...
  2. KadeBoltz

    Zoo's that live or know Farms or Ranchs owned by Zoo's how did it start?

    I have only ever been exclusive with Canines and I live in an area near a lot of Farms and Ranch's. I wish one day to have many experiences with other animals and I'm curious about what life is like on Farms and Ranch's where the people who own it are Zoo's. If you can share your experiences of...
  3. ZooBoy141

    best experiences

    people who have experiences with different animal species, which has been the best you have lived I am new to this world of zoo and I would like to read your best stories
  4. Reconscope

    Its sad how friendships fade away.

    Those who promise to be close friends in life regardless of circumstances can be destroyed over simple trivial stuff. But you cant win them all. Knowing a animal's companionship is without a doubt the best gift someone can have. Human companionship is very short lived in comparison so far...
  5. L

    Hello! Here to learn, esp about zooromanticism

    Good morning. I’m a pretty well established artist in the world of sequential art and am here for research. I’m working on a graphic novel, pretty abstract and non-linear, about the sexual and romantic and spiritual relationship between people and animals, both currently and across our shared...