1. S

    Am I the only one whose brain is wired in that specific way?

    Hello, I know that several topics are lying around and that various opinions are there, but for the first time on this forum I wanted to have the courage to open up completely on a subject that has been stressing me for a long time (could be TLDR) . To start, I hope I'm in the right section...
  2. JoostNL

    Dutch |Photos of our private collection [ couple ]

    Hiiii My girlfriend and I are new here! We would absolutely LOVE to talk with you about our passion: girls with dogs. Wanna see something hot? Here is a link for a post about our collection ^^ Lets...
  3. ropervto

    People with non zoo partners, how do you handle your zoo self in the relationship?!

    Currently I’m in a relationship with this guy and I really do love him, but i can’t deny my zoo self. Part of me just wants to keep this to my self but sometimes I feel like I’m doing him wrong…I just don’t want to loose him tbh. How do y’all handle these feelings/situations?
  4. FluffBall

    Partner into zoo

    I am curious how many of you would feel comfortable having a partner who was Zoo, and one that engaged with other species while you were together. If I had a partner who was into animals, I would be happy to let them explore and I wouldn't consider it cheating, as long as I was informed and knew...
  5. gomiclone

    No longer lurking o.o

    Heyo all. M of MF couple interested in stuff [bdsm/zoo], posting here in part because it's surprisingly difficult to hit 10 posts for PMs without just going "hawt" on random threads >.>
  6. heckinboy

    Re-introducing my self after I lost the password to my first account.

    Hi! I'm still new to this, and I hope I'm doing this right. We're a couple in Washington State that want to try (Nearly) everything once. This is definitely more a fetish thing for us, and we don't really care about the more emotional aspects of zoo. But hey I'm not gonna judge! My wife is...
  7. S

    When you go Zoo. Do you ever go back?

    Something I'm curious about. Once you have sex with an animal, are you still able to enjoy sex with a human afterwards? Also are there any married couples that have fun with their animals as well as eachother.
  8. JackTorrance

    I wish there was a “couple” section

    I understand the 1 on 1, but I can’t think of anything hotter as a guy watching a woman with a dog and me jumping in.
  9. Bambucha07

    I read this on reddit, I wish it was for real