1. B

    24yo Couple, Colorado! New to the scene!

    Heya! We’re a young Colorado couple New to the site and the scene. Looking to meet young, like minded friends and hopefully, at some point get my partner her first real experience. My partner recently revealed her lifestyle to me as of a few months ago and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to...
  2. ropervto

    People with non zoo partners, how do you handle your zoo self in the relationship?!

    Currently I’m in a relationship with this guy and I really do love him, but i can’t deny my zoo self. Part of me just wants to keep this to my self but sometimes I feel like I’m doing him wrong…I just don’t want to loose him tbh. How do y’all handle these feelings/situations?
  3. FluffBall

    Partner into zoo

    I am curious how many of you would feel comfortable having a partner who was Zoo, and one that engaged with other species while you were together. If I had a partner who was into animals, I would be happy to let them explore and I wouldn't consider it cheating, as long as I was informed and knew...
  4. gomiclone

    No longer lurking o.o

    Heyo all. M of MF couple interested in stuff [bdsm/zoo], posting here in part because it's surprisingly difficult to hit 10 posts for PMs without just going "hawt" on random threads >.>
  5. heckinboy

    Re-introducing my self after I lost the password to my first account.

    Hi! I'm still new to this, and I hope I'm doing this right. We're a couple in Washington State that want to try (Nearly) everything once. This is definitely more a fetish thing for us, and we don't really care about the more emotional aspects of zoo. But hey I'm not gonna judge! My wife is...
  6. S

    When you go Zoo. Do you ever go back?

    Something I'm curious about. Once you have sex with an animal, are you still able to enjoy sex with a human afterwards? Also are there any married couples that have fun with their animals as well as eachother.
  7. JackTorrance

    I wish there was a “couple” section

    I understand the 1 on 1, but I can’t think of anything hotter as a guy watching a woman with a dog and me jumping in.
  8. Bambucha07

    I read this on reddit, I wish it was for real

  9. F

    Westmidlands UK Couple Seeking Female/Trans to chat

    Seeking female who is in the UK, preferably close by to discuss filthy desires and wants. Must be genuine and able to prove so. Happy to discuss with those mentioned above on kik our addy is the same as on here Forbiddenlove19. Hope to hear from you soon... Very excited!!! Xxxx