1. F

    Can I still jerk off my cat even after hes been neutered

    I know after hes been neutered he cant cum, But will he still get horny and allow me to jerk him off, even if he doesnt cum I still want to jerk him off?
  2. J

    Intercourse with felines, is it looked down apon, or simply unheard of?

    If the latter, why? I mean, canine intercourse is extremely popular, so you'd think feline would be to. But for some reason, It's like looking for a needle in a giant haystack. If it is allowed, Id love to hear any experiences!
  3. C

    Is it a good idea to masturbate a male cat? If yes, how do I do so?

    I have been having sex with my dog for quite a while now, and I'm thinking about having some fun with my cat as well.
  4. Kaukau

    gimme friends

    Hi hi! I'm kanna, i'm a cis male and i'm here for friends and to try to possibly meet people like me! I mainly like playing video games and thats about it maybe draw on the low sometimes. I have a discord if anyone wants it just dm me
  5. R

    Giving a cat a blowjob?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I just made 8 month old male cat cum for the first time. I was wondering if it's safe to swallow his cum and if it's ok to make him cum more than once a day. Would also appriciate any other tips for male cats
  6. D

    It was an honour to be with you, Felix.

    Even I suffered a loss, but that was in 2016, when I had to say goodbye to my first cat, a black tabby, whom we called Felix. Thank you for the 7 years together.
  7. M

    Cats and how to?

    I've heard of and seen girls getting cats to lick them, but has anyone ever been penetrated by one? My male cat humps on me and enjoys me stimulating him, but I was wondering if it would be okay to take it further.
  8. Jëëco

    Anyone else find house cats sexy?

    I just find house cats sexy, especially when they sit right on your crotch and give you that shoulder look, it's like they're saying "You gonna fuck me or what human~?" Which i find just irresistible. Not being able to actually have sex with one doesn't even bother me, but I did nut on my...