1. K

    27F Longtime Video Watcher

    Like the title states I’m 27F who has been watching videos off and on for maybe the last 10-13 years? I’ve never taken the next step but lately my curious .. it’s grown more to know what the women in the videos are feeling .. and if it’s really as good as people claim Just finally joined here...
  2. V


    Don't really know what to write haha. I've been into animal and furry stuff for a while now and have been wanting to try it for real but I don't have access to any animals of my own. What's the best way to get your foot through the door? I'm mainly interested in canine and equine.
  3. BigDaddyZ

    New Z from France

    Hi there I’m a beginner in zoophilia and I’m here to meet peoples and learn more about the practice of zoophilia and much more!
  4. Daddydogman

    First timer tips.

    My best friend is mildly interested and I am trying to get her a bit more engaged which will take a long time. But I was wondering any very beginner tips for both slowly introducing and then actually participating with a dog? (Note she was licked by a dog some many many years ago, enjoyed it but...
  5. N

    How to begin?

    I was always kind of afraid to try something with my female dogs because I thought I was doing something wrong. Finding this forum made me want to give it a try, but I have no idea how to start. I have little chance of being alone with them, so I wouldn't be able to practice often. Would it be...
  6. BeteDeBalo

    Ansty for a first

    Hey, I started as a zoo who was only into stallions (and even then always just thought it a fantasy) but the more I've talked with others who've opened up about their own zoo desires I've started being interested in k9s as well and now I'm seriously pondering about trying to find someone who's...
  7. F

    Looking to be with a stallion but not sure how do go about it and looking for advice

    I'm looking to be with a stallion or mini the unfortunate thing is I cannot in my current situation afford to care for one and I was wondering if there were other alternatives such as meet ups etc (I'm aware this is a long process) any tips precautions warnings or general insight would be...
  8. kcj

    beginner advice

    im new to the site and animal intercourse i would like some advice on the best animal to be my first. Any suggestions?
  9. dolly1

    Best breed for a beginner

    So I’ve been interested in Female x Male Dog sex for a while but never had the opportunity to fulfill my fantasy. Now that I’m in the position to own a dog, I’m curious at dog penis sizes. How did you choose your first dog to mate with? I’ve stumbled on a post here about breed sizes and all I...
  10. Shyfur

    20M Arkansas fur looking for a mare uwu

    Hi all, new to all this but not to zoo. It all started for me waay back when I was 8, watching the other boys take turns on our mare, n by thcourage I got old enough and built up the courage, we had to move onto a different farm with stallions... didnt stop me tho! I've had fun with dogs and...
  11. MissKate

    Beginner's questions

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to this world, and my knowledge is mostly from videos I've watched. I have quite a few questions, and I've looked over the tutorials but couldn't find real answers for that. If you could share your wisdom it'd be awesome ❤ 1. It seems dogs in the videos sniff around...
  12. anotherkinkgirl

    A nervous pup ready to take the leap...

    Hello all :) It's, well, interesting to be back. I was semi-active on BF and met some great friends through it. A little about me, I'm 31 and very into the pet-play kink. I live 100% in-role with my partner, as his puppy, as often as our schedules allow. We've talked many times about finally...
  13. HensonMK87

    First dildo; Tips in the UK?

    Hi All, Me and my partner are looking to get a dog dildo but we’re not quite sure where to start. Any hints, tips or recommendations on where best to purchase in the UK? Thanks in advance!