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Zeta Chronicles

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  1. Zeta Chronicles - Page 23

    Chance becomes tense as he sets his chess pieces.
  2. Zeta Chronicles - Page 22

    Chance meets Lima the dragoness
  3. Zeta Chronicles - Page 21

    A curious new lady is brought into the conversation.
  4. Zeta Chronicles - Page 20

    Chance has continued doubt's around consent.
  5. Zeta Chronicles - Page 19

    An upset chance gives ear to ZT's observations.
  6. Zeta Chronicles - Page 18

    ZT brings up the possibility of consentual zoophilia.
  7. Zeta Chronicles - Page 17

    Chance replies with a rebuttal.
  8. Zeta Chronicles - Page 16

    Chance begins to think about his past and how it's relevant with zooville.
  9. Zeta Chronicles - Page 15

    After observing zoos in the park, chance absorbs its meaning.
  10. Zeta Chronicles - Page 14

    Chance notices one last zoo in the park with his great dane.
  11. Zeta Chronicles - Page 13

    Chance further observes a more astute zoo on horseback.
  12. Zeta Chronicles - Page 12

    Chance takes note of an older woman in the park.
  13. Zeta Chronicles - Page 11

    Chance has a seat to people watch alongside ZT.
  14. Zeta Chronicles - Page 10

    Some normal activities are observed in the city park
  15. Zeta Chronicles - Page 9

    Chance and ZT start touring zoovilles city park.
  16. Zeta Chronicles - Page 8

    Chance discovers a portion of zoo legalese before stepping into central park.
  17. Zeta Chronicles - Page 7

    Chance and ZT arrive at the central zooville park to investigate further.
  18. Zeta Chronicles - Page 6

    Chance questions and smirks at the notions of the United Zoophilia Initiative.
  19. Zeta Chronicles - Page 5

    ZT explains the stats of zoo populations, although doubting chances intentions.
  20. Zeta Chronicles - Page 4

    Chance and ZT become acquainted with each other as they begin their journey through Zooville.

Latest reviews

I'm enjoying this and fun artwork
I find this whole series pretty silly and kinda cringe.

• Art thats mediocre at best
• Poor, basic talking points and arguements that may be convincing some specially ignorant people within our bubble, but would never change anyone's mind on the outside (Bs false equivalents like "gays used to be shamed in the past as well" etc.)
• Extremely unfrequent posting
• Poorly written, stiff dialogue
• Admin self inserting in a really cringe smug mannor
• Incredibly onesided narrative

If we ever want zoophilia to be normalized or at least less condemned, we need to realistically adress the whole picture.

Yes, animals can enjoy sex, they can consent, but do it differently.

But abuse does happen and it does happen frequently, to say the least.

It's important to be attentive, sensitive and respectful.
It's such a common occurence in animal porn- honestly even the majority, sadly- that some guy fucks their dog, horse, cow etc. and it's blatant rape.
Sure, the animal doesn't try to do shit, but it's just cause they know the power gap- they have given up, basically.
How many videos on here do we see, where a bitch just endures the sex.
And most users here don't know/ don't give a shit.
It's sad and gross, In my opinion you don't adress this enough at all, please make it a topic in the future.

(Please don't ban me for this harsh review, I'm not trying to be mean, it's just my personal opinion)
I respect what this comic is trying to do. But I feel it does a poor job at it, with the use of anthropomorphic non-humans and normal non-human animals in the same setting being one of my main problems, as it implies the non-anthropomorphic animals as being less then their anthropomorphic counterparts. I know this probably was not the intent but the target audience most likely won't view it that way and will probably use this comic against us as prove of us taking advantage of "lesser beings". If I was to give a suggestion on what should be changed I would say: remove the anthropomorphic non-humans and replace them with normal humans, give the non-humans a place in the story other then being objects, and ease the introduction of zoophilia by piecing it together instead of outright talking about it in the first 3 pages (you need to get the reader invested, remember this is for non-zoos).
Certainly interested in seeing where this goes!
Although I'm not a fan of anthro material and not furry the idea and story line behind this is interesting and thought provoking. Then it is kind of preaching to the choir to me...
I'm honestly excited for more.
Who knew.
I'm a bit scared this mythical feral character will act as a "translator" to non-humans as a way to prove they are consentual and happy which is not relevant in real life :/
I don't think people will donate to zooville knowing that this is what they spent their donated money on. Besides that, I wonder why it was necessary to make the horse have arrogant expressions? I was told this comic was intended to be convincing but the they make the horse look like he's being condescending.

The comic is a bit entertaining and the art has more effort than the typical e621 piece. If this was someone's personal hobby project it would be good.