Zeta Chronicles

Zeta Chronicles

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Latest updates

  1. Zeta Chronicles - Page 9

    Chance and ZT start touring zoovilles city park.
  2. Zeta Chronicles - Page 8

    Chance discovers a portion of zoo legalese before stepping into central park.
  3. Zeta Chronicles - Page 7

    Chance and ZT arrive at the central zooville park to investigate further.
  4. Zeta Chronicles - Page 6

    Chance questions and smirks at the notions of the United Zoophilia Initiative.
  5. Zeta Chronicles - Page 5

    ZT explains the stats of zoo populations, although doubting chances intentions.
  6. Zeta Chronicles - Page 4

    Chance and ZT become acquainted with each other as they begin their journey through Zooville.
  7. Zeta Chronicles - Page 1, 2 & 3

    As an initial 3 page release of the zeta chronicles comic, we see chance, a foxy reporter in...
  8. Zeta Chronicles - Cover and Foreword

    This comic has been produced wholly by the voluntary donations of the worldwide zoophilia...

Latest reviews

I envision a future where zoos come together to build a city for zoos, where all the inhabitants are zoos or allies and there is no room for anti-zoos. Good comic, I like the idea.
Admin of Zooville self-inserting as a major character in the comic is very cringey.

Characters are talking about decriminalization and not legalization. It is a very major difference.

The art and speech bubbles are very rough. Feels like the artist creating their first ever web comic. Closest comparison I can remember is Furthia High from 2008.

I really hope none of the donations were used to commission this garbage.
I'm loving this comic, I'm waiting for all of it to come out too binge. I'M SO EXCITED!
Neat! I'm loving this already, great artwork and the storyline is going to be great, I can tell.
Good stuff!