Zeta Chronicles

Zeta Chronicles

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Latest updates

  1. Zeta Chronicles - Page 21

    A curious new lady is brought into the conversation.
  2. Zeta Chronicles - Page 20

    Chance has continued doubt's around consent.
  3. Zeta Chronicles - Page 19

    An upset chance gives ear to ZT's observations.
  4. Zeta Chronicles - Page 18

    ZT brings up the possibility of consentual zoophilia.
  5. Zeta Chronicles - Page 17

    Chance replies with a rebuttal.
  6. Zeta Chronicles - Page 16

    Chance begins to think about his past and how it's relevant with zooville.
  7. Zeta Chronicles - Page 15

    After observing zoos in the park, chance absorbs its meaning.
  8. Zeta Chronicles - Page 14

    Chance notices one last zoo in the park with his great dane.
  9. Zeta Chronicles - Page 13

    Chance further observes a more astute zoo on horseback.
  10. Zeta Chronicles - Page 12

    Chance takes note of an older woman in the park.
  11. Zeta Chronicles - Page 11

    Chance has a seat to people watch alongside ZT.
  12. Zeta Chronicles - Page 10

    Some normal activities are observed in the city park
  13. Zeta Chronicles - Page 9

    Chance and ZT start touring zoovilles city park.
  14. Zeta Chronicles - Page 8

    Chance discovers a portion of zoo legalese before stepping into central park.
  15. Zeta Chronicles - Page 7

    Chance and ZT arrive at the central zooville park to investigate further.
  16. Zeta Chronicles - Page 6

    Chance questions and smirks at the notions of the United Zoophilia Initiative.
  17. Zeta Chronicles - Page 5

    ZT explains the stats of zoo populations, although doubting chances intentions.
  18. Zeta Chronicles - Page 4

    Chance and ZT become acquainted with each other as they begin their journey through Zooville.
  19. Zeta Chronicles - Page 1, 2 & 3

    As an initial 3 page release of the zeta chronicles comic, we see chance, a foxy reporter in...
  20. Zeta Chronicles - Cover and Foreword

    This comic has been produced wholly by the voluntary donations of the worldwide zoophilia...

Latest reviews

The art is probably the only redeeming quality. The story/dialogue is pretty cringy, and just not realistic if you're trying to truly explain/justify zoophilia.
I'm a bit scared this mythical feral character will act as a "translator" to non-humans as a way to prove they are consentual and happy which is not relevant in real life :/
ZETA dearest, I LOOOOOOOOOVE your avatar.
I see a wonderful Horse: GREAT.

I am new and need ratings. Please rate me Zeta Dearest. Pretty please? Sugar on top?
Also I really am a dummy: No I swear. Feue my BELOVED (and sharing every act) wife was killed by a bus 15 years ago used to call me Fruitcake, Airhead, Dumboy, Foolishbuns.... Question: can we complete decently and honestly (YES M'AAM!) our profiles? I started by a simple picture of Thor and Me taken years ago inTexas. Became quite popular on the web. Why???
Then I have No avatar we can say. It is Just US ! We have been active lovers for 12 years and as I proudly never cheated on him with any of these weird creatures they call ''human''.THANK YOU for an answer. Warm regards, Thorlover
I know, I am pushing it but would you be soooooooo lovable as to give me 5 *****?
I don't think people will donate to zooville knowing that this is what they spent their donated money on. Besides that, I wonder why it was necessary to make the horse have arrogant expressions? I was told this comic was intended to be convincing but the they make the horse look like he's being condescending.

The comic is a bit entertaining and the art has more effort than the typical e621 piece. If this was someone's personal hobby project it would be good.
I feel this is a very accurate portrayal of how the outside community views us and they do not give any thought to how hypocritical and bigoted it is. They just do not get it and this shows very clearly they have misread every aspect of it. It does truly resemble the same way same sex relations used to be viewed. Nicely done.
I think that this greatly made comic could help to prevent deamonization of zoophilia done thru media and church related people or brainwasched by any of them
*smiles* I find the anthro renderings of the characters interesting although overall I'm not a fan of such. So far the story line is engaging and 'logical' but it's too early for me to feel comfortable rating it excellent. The potential is here however.

I've yet to understand why so many humans are concerned with each others sex lives and who they choose as companions and partners. Are their own sex lives so unfulfilling? Sexual intimacy in and of itself is NOT abusive or exploitative, it's the context that determines such. Perhaps I don't understand because I regard all life spiritually equal...
Informative and nice to read. Would like more pages!