Zeta Chronicles

Zeta Chronicles

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  9. Zeta Chronicles - Page 24

    Chance starts his opening salvo of reasoning.
  10. Zeta Chronicles - Page 23

    Chance becomes tense as he sets his chess pieces.
  11. Zeta Chronicles - Page 22

    Chance meets Lima the dragoness
  12. Zeta Chronicles - Page 21

    A curious new lady is brought into the conversation.
  13. Zeta Chronicles - Page 20

    Chance has continued doubt's around consent.
  14. Zeta Chronicles - Page 19

    An upset chance gives ear to ZT's observations.
  15. Zeta Chronicles - Page 18

    ZT brings up the possibility of consentual zoophilia.
  16. Zeta Chronicles - Page 17

    Chance replies with a rebuttal.
  17. Zeta Chronicles - Page 16

    Chance begins to think about his past and how it's relevant with zooville.
  18. Zeta Chronicles - Page 15

    After observing zoos in the park, chance absorbs its meaning.
  19. Zeta Chronicles - Page 14

    Chance notices one last zoo in the park with his great dane.
  20. Zeta Chronicles - Page 13

    Chance further observes a more astute zoo on horseback.

Latest reviews

Pretty good. I think we're walking the line when using cartoony characters to represent our morals and worldviews because of the presuppositions (accurate or not) of cartoons and/or furry art.

Now these are not my assumptions, but the assumptions of many that may be the target audience of this comic. One being the cartoony comic formula that could be argued that it is targeted towards a younger audience. People are rabid about this kind of thing currently. Another being the furry aspect which many do not relate with or cannot relate with. Many will outright disregard this because of the furry aspect out of principle.

Again, this is not my opinion of the comic. I'm explaining how non-zoophiles may see this. Overall I think it argues the morals and views of zoophiles well enough.
Well a nice chronicle, which helps
This comic is great to read and excellent at explaining what is and isn't zoo. Also, I'm enjoying the argument of consent from animals. I just wish that more comics could be uploaded quicker. Also would love to know how many issues and what other subjects you're going to tackle in the future through your work can't wait to see it Fuck the haters keep going and keep making great content!!!!
I'm enjoying this and fun artwork
Certainly interested in seeing where this goes!
Although I'm not a fan of anthro material and not furry the idea and story line behind this is interesting and thought provoking. Then it is kind of preaching to the choir to me...
I'm honestly excited for more.
Who knew.
I'm a bit scared this mythical feral character will act as a "translator" to non-humans as a way to prove they are consentual and happy which is not relevant in real life :/