2020 Zooville.org Study - Measurement and Correlates of Zoophilic Interest Online - OUTDATED

Zoo Research and Data 2020 Zooville.org Study - Measurement and Correlates of Zoophilic Interest Online - OUTDATED

Old release, kept for records. The current peer reviewed and accepted paper is located here.

The University of Saskatchewan has reached out to Zooville.org for support for their study on zoophilia.

The study is being completed by

Alexandra Zidenberg, PhD
Department of Psychology

Overseen by Prof. Dr. Mark Olver.

The original letter of intent is posted below and files are attached. (Click Download to obtain the .PDFs). We have been given permission to post the DRAFT of the study here on zooville.org.

Quote from Alexandra regarding this studys current progress September 27th, 2021

"We currently have a revise and resubmit for the paper in Archives of Sexual Behaviour and we're cautiously optimistic that the paper may be accepted there by the end of the year. Please feel free to post the draft manuscript and identify it as under review, if possible. "

This copy does NOT reflect the future peer review publication as it may change. However, the draft submitted will be posted here and any future updates and official links to the study will be published when available.

Deepest regards,

Administrator for Zooville.org

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Its long overdue that someone in a higher capacity does a survey like this and hopefully it is recognized that an animal isnt just a pet and that they do have feelings, emotions and relationships just like us humans. Hopefully this will be recognized and accepted by the wider communities. Consent and no harm is our way. Love and consent is one thing with our fury friends and it is a 2 way street. Violence and cruelty is another and that we see everyday and no one does anything about that. Why????.
This is fascinating, good content!