2022 Zooville.org Study - Measurement and Correlates of Zoophilic Interest Online - Peer Reviewed

Zoo Research and Data 2022 Zooville.org Study - Measurement and Correlates of Zoophilic Interest Online - Peer Reviewed

The Study was completed by the University of Saskatchewan and accepted into the Archives of Sexual Behavior after completing peer-review. The university resource is located here, and a copy of the .pdf was kindly provided for zooville.org

Alexandra Zidenberg, PhD
Department of Psychology.

Overseen by Prof. Dr. Mark Olver.

Deepest regards,

Administrator for Zooville.org
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Excellent read! So fascinating to see data being gathered and used to advance our understanding. Thank you everyone!
fascinating read! Sexual psychology has always been an interest of mine. The overlap between furry, zoo and puppy play was especially interesting to me.
aella_girl a human sexuality doctorate recently did a survey on reddit with approximately 40,000 participants and found about 10% if them were interested in zoophilia/bestiality. Surprisingly a very even response from both men and women. Its worth checking out. Look up the user Aella_girl. I'm sure she would be very interested in doing a study here as well.
For me, any scientific effort into getting a better understanding into Zoophilia is embraced and welcomed. It's the only effective way to tackle stigmata and prejudice, and I can only hope that one day scientific understanding will lead to a better and fairer jurisdiction in terms of regulating human-animal sexual contact.
Nice!! I'll definitely buy the article. As someone who identifies as an omnisexual zoosexual, I'm super excited to take a read 😄
It's taken too long but it's good to see it finally getting the green light. I may have not done the second survey. :/ At least I did participate in the first one.
Does anyone have the images shown in the "Animal Visual Stimuli" section of the second survey?
wow I’ll take a look.
Résztvettem benne, örülök hogy közzéteszik végre!
Didn't participate, but I'm very interested in the results. It's studying time ^ ^
Cool to see. I dont come around here much but i took part in the 2020 research project. Glad to finally see it.