Zoo Awareness & Politics

We need a Zeta branch here in America. I tried to become a member of Zeta but they want Euros or Bit-coin. I don't do Bit-coin. I was a member of theirs and I was on their secret Discord group for a while.
Hey all

I'm interested in politics and social issues and try to engage myself as much as possible.

Some of you may know about the ZETA-organsation that we have in Germany.

I'm interested are there other organisations around the world, who fight for more awareness & acceptance for our community?


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In the United States, we have an unofficial organization that has worked with ZETA-Verein before, but they have not formed the official charter for it, as of yet. There have been delays and glitches in getting it to come together. They have enough people involved in it to make it into a functional organization, but we have a problem in the United States: this is the same country where the 2018 Kero the Wolf incident happened (this constituted a major scandal within our furry community, which involved some leaks by someone called Akela; this is a long story, and you'll hear several different versions and opinions on it), so anywhere here is at the epicenter of the resulting backlash, which is still having aftershocks a few years later. In fact, one of the original goals of the organization was to try to attenuate that backlash.

Nevertheless, the severity of that backlash is also related to why getting the official documents together has been so badly delayed: because of the same backlash that prompted these people coming together, there have been several serious doxxing and cyberstalking incidents, but the people that have been leading the moral crusade related to that backlash have been so extremist that they would target just about anybody, whether they have really done anything seriously wrong or not: like most moral crusades, its leaders do not really care about protecting anybody, but they are merely looking for an outlet for aggression that is indigenous to their character. In the past, we would have used the term "witch-hunt" as a reference to the historic Salem Witch Trials, but recent developments in our national politics has led to the term "witch-hunt" being politically charged. I am using the term "moral crusade" as an attempt to be somewhat apolitical. Therefore, in spite that backlash-fueled moral crusade being the original reason why they came together, its severity has also been reason to move cautiously.

Oddly enough, having already been doxxed makes it easier for some of the American organizers to act openly because, in spite of the resulting inconveniences, there is no longer as much reason for them to hide, so we have a still growing pool of people that have already been exposed, for better or for worse, at the same time when the backlash against us has been slowing down: for an organization to eventually get its official charter is probably inevitable, at this point. I think it's currently more of a question of when, ceteris paribus.