1. skullprotogen

    How comfortable are you with displaying the zeta symbol on your social media?

    Would you do it on your social media account?
  2. lisalaura

    Zoo Awareness & Politics

    Hey all I'm interested in politics and social issues and try to engage myself as much as possible. Some of you may know about the ZETA-organsation that we have in Germany. https://www.zeta-verein.de/ I'm interested are there other organisations around the world, who fight for more awareness...
  3. Volfers

    Our Community, and the World as it Is (Boiling it all Down.)

    In society being a zoo has never been easy, as we look through history we’ve always been discriminated for our differences. It seems that no matter the time, people are always afraid of change and the unknown. Today, in order to desperately suppress our existence, people will go to radical...