What are you Thinking right now?


Zooville Settler
Wondering what's next. Do I wanna know? I get ahead 2 feet only to end up a mile behind. I don't bitch or complain much, I keep shit to myself generally... but once in a while I have to ask the universe... "WTF did I do!!??" :mad:😫

End rant.


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Just how good members are to share their intimate personal clips with us. (puppies, ponies pussy and cocks - I love them all)


Is Mikki on vaycay?
Will Shep ever come on here, sure miss the ole git!
Speaking of missing, miss some of the ole folks from BF, hope they find this place!
Is Ren's hand on the mend?
Has Camo's day picked up?
I'm sure there's more but that's enough thoughts for now 😂


Thinking about the rona because of this bs I can't get my new bicycle.

Wrote with some girls on tinder... stopped talking to one of them spontaneously because I didn't felt so good lately. She asked why and I haven't answered yet.


I am thinking right now of having a dog cock in each of my holes. That makes me horny and have few guys watching which I play with them. Have them cum all cum in face 😋👅😈😛💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦. That makes me horny as hellllllll. I want it so bad. More then anything else.
Wondering why the weather has to be crap today,

will I finally get a video of the issue with the sink,
Will some of this stress go away,

will I ever have my first time with a dog or horse?

and my last two thoughts,

there are a lot of amazing people here,

and I’m still sleepy need more sleep.


Zooville Settler
About how my life has taken a complete 180. And I need to get some sleep. Not sure if I'm gonna end up having to drive up to the hospital tomorrow.