Count to ∞!

Nah, it wasn't. I fucked with YIMBY one time. I had... actually... messed up the count but then it got corrected. YIMBY was like, "Don't trust the authorities" and I was like "Nope you shouldn't" and then reversed the second two numbers and low and behold YIMBY's next post was the wrong number! 😂
Don't make friends with Floofy either. He'll screw you over for a laugh.

Hmm... that must be a new one. I don't recall seeing that one from Fang-And-Fantasy before. Their videos are... interesting, yet somehow arousing.
yep, one of my faves, also happy to hear you haven't seen it yet cuz that means it likely wasn't posted b4 either (at least not here) so i shared something new :)
also it took me some time to realize but, congrats @MypupandI69