1. tsula

    help for skyrim zoo

    hey there I've been seeing quite some content of Skyrim and wanted to play it myself but the zoo part of course :) the thing is i will need help and id love for anyone to help me out with this : -Skyrim -zoobundel(s) -more creatures (canine, horse, fox, tiger etc. but no aliens or bugs)...
  2. MongrelGal

    Mirror, mirror…

    Hey all! Rewatched some Harry Potter material and a nerdy question popped in my mind, thought I’d share it with you all 🤗! Let’s say you’d stumble upon the Erised Mirror 🤔 (For non Potterheads here: it’s a mirror that reflects you with what you most deeply, intimately almost painfully...
  3. AdultKing

    Writers in the Zoo community willing to help

    Hey I'm creating a Renpy game right now where you will be playing as a dog (Great Dane) where you will need to try to seduce your dogsitter (Babysitter but for dogs). Atm around 1000 images are rendered including the house and environments also the coding is almost completely done. But the only...
  4. ShanoirII

    Chat Pyramids

    This is a simple forum game which involves building 'pyramids' of emotes. basically, to start, one person picks any emote, the next person types two of that emote, the next three, and so on. like so: p1: :) p2: :) :) p3: :) :) :) this can keep going until a user decides to, instead of posting...
  5. Loup Perdu

    Jeux de rôle

    Je me demande s'il y a des rôlistes zoo ou bien je suis le seul? Sinon je serai bien partant pour des sessions rp en pbp s'il y a des motivés.
  6. yourdreamguy

    Looking for computer games

    There are quite a lot computer games for fun stuff, you know what I mean. Does anyone know of any game that has bestiality?
  7. Knotveryinterested

    The LOVE ❤️ Thread - say sth nice to user above :)

    Heeeeey guys :D I don't know. Sometimes I suddenly feel good. I am happy and then feel the need to say something nice to anybody. But where to put it when you are alone and online at Zooville ?! You can make a fool of me for it, I don't care. But I thought, well there is a dumbster fire...
  8. LoveNottLust1

    IMVU gameplay

    Do you have an account for IMVU on computer or phone app
  9. I

    Count to ∞!

    This is a thread where we will be counting to 100,000 in base ten. You can't post after yourself. Only post one number in each post. Number Reached Reached By 10 @IAmAFunGuy 50 @Stoli 100 @Pillar 250 @Tailo 500 @zooma 1,000 @zooma 5,000 @ShanoirII 10,000 @ShanoirII 15,000...
  10. Puppy

    Name a thing and choose a color

    The game goes like this, first color is green Watermelons. Yellow Lemon. White Clouds. Blue Go on :D
  11. I

    One Word Story

    Post one word at a time that goes along with the sentence. The end goal is to write a nice story.... But that probably won't happen. You can do punctuation at the same time as a word, but the same person must not put a word twice in a row. I will periodically go through and write down the...