1. D

    New here

    Hello! I am new to the site. Actually, I’ve been lurking around for a while, but I just decided to post. I have two dogs, both female and both GSDs, and one likes sex more than the other one. This isn’t my primary language, so I’m sorry for any confusion or misspellings that may occur. Let’s...
  2. The tourist

    let's do sth creative

    If you could have any animal genitals an any particular ability of that animal (for example: canine penis, ability to bend to your genitals), also why this animal and for how long
  3. tsula

    help for skyrim zoo

    hey there I've been seeing quite some content of Skyrim and wanted to play it myself but the zoo part of course :) the thing is i will need help and id love for anyone to help me out with this : -Skyrim -zoobundel(s) -more creatures (canine, horse, fox, tiger etc. but no aliens or bugs)...
  4. Stinkyzoo13

    Do you have an uncommon animal attraction?

    By that i mean, are you attracted to an animal that isn't commonly talked about in zoo circles? For instance my main zoo attraction is skunks. Im interested in see what other animals people can be attracted to. Who knows, we might spread a few attractions! Here's a picture of a skunk ive been...
  5. TylerKnotts

    Open stable or an open kennel idea.

    Something I've always wanted is to create a place where certain invited people could come and enjoy horses. Private rooms or open if you want company, if I'm not mistaken it is completely legal in WV (correct me if I'm wrong). Also the stable would be studs only another idea is a kennel where...
  6. bbfucknowAUS

    If you’re horny for dog dick then clap your hands

    If you’re horny for dog dick then clap your hands If you’re horny for a knot And you you love dog dick a lot If you’re horny for dog dick then clap your hands
  7. Foggo

    Good meme

  8. TakeMeHome

    What was your most embarrassing/awkward moment you have had in your life and how did you handle it?

    Ill go first! Im in a few discord servers and like most of them. They have an adult/18 plus section. I was at gym one morning and like most normal people. Im listening to music! After a set i get a message on one of the servers so i go and take a peek! Nothing was out of the ordinary so i...
  9. SamoyedEnjoyer

    Which animal would be nice to go on a date with?

    Ignoring any incompatibilities between human and animal, just looking at things like personality for example, what are some animals you think you could go on a nice date with and what are some animals that would be terrible to have a date with? I personally think maybe a fox could be pretty...
  10. ShanoirII

    Chat Pyramids

    This is a simple forum game which involves building 'pyramids' of emotes. basically, to start, one person picks any emote, the next person types two of that emote, the next three, and so on. like so: p1: :) p2: :) :) p3: :) :) :) this can keep going until a user decides to, instead of posting...
  11. Caligula001

    Imaginary Town Names ABC

    Let your fantasy flow :) Arluberque
  12. Pillar

    What do you all do for fun?

    I'm sure there's plenty of boring people who don't do any fun things at all (I'm definitely projecting here ?), so what do you do in your free time for fun? I know plenty of you work, have families, responsibilities and lives. But what do you do in your free time that's fun? Maybe play silly...
  13. I

    Count to ∞!

    This is a thread where we will be counting to 100,000 in base ten. You can't post after yourself. Only post one number in each post. Number Reached Reached By 10 @IAmAFunGuy 50 @Stoli 100 @Pillar 250 @Tailo 500 @zooma 1,000 @zooma 5,000 @ShanoirII 10,000 @ShanoirII 15,000...
  14. InuShitsuji

    How intense are your orgasms?

    On a scale from Ancient Stone Statue to Maryjane Auryn ( How intense are your orgasms? :gsd_laughing: (Bonus: with/without your animal partner)
  15. S

    Post beastiality meme here

    I think it will be good to have one bestiality meme thread where we will post memes.
  16. Puppy

    Name a thing and choose a color

    The game goes like this, first color is green Watermelons. Yellow Lemon. White Clouds. Blue Go on :D