Bad Genie


Here's a fun one. You basically grant the person above you's wish but not how they intended it to be granted, then make your own wish for the next person to twist, and so on.


Person 1:
I wish I had a million dollars

Person 2:
Granted. You have a million dollars of video game currency

I wish...

Now for mine:
I wish I could have sex with a real, live dinosaur
Hey, an eagle could be fun if their cloacas were big enough.

Granted. You meant the length of a cat's foot, right?

I wish I could have sex with Blue from Jurassic World and that it be a real, live version of her.
Granted. The cherries you bring along to the zoo as a snack have all ruptured and made a mess all over your clothes.

I wish to have sex with a real live Tyrannosaurus
Granted. They all get horribly corrupted.

I wish there was a lot more high-quality sauropod porn that wasn't of underage Land Before Time characters
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Granted but now its all of elderly over-age Land Before Time characters

I wish I could try being spitroasted as that's the only thing on my bucket list I have yet to try
Well, I'm not normally one who finds elders attractive, but Littlefoot's grandparents are sexy, so I actually wouldn't mind if most sauropod porn was of them. It would sure be WAY better than all the porn of underage Littlefoot.

Granted. You're in Vanuatu, and the tribesmen are looking quite hungry, and within their chatter, you can make out "long pig".... Well, at least you've fulfilled your bucket list now.

I wish I had more money
Granted, you now have 10 millions iranian rials.

I wish things in life would be easy as in a cartoon.
Granted. Your folding chairs and other such things like that fail as easily as they do in cartoons.

I wish I had more money in US dollars
Granted. You now have two more dollars. Hopefully this didn't double your savings. Thank you for using Bad Genie financial servises, have a nice day.

I wish you would have different wishes than just money :)
Granted. My non-monetary wishes are incorruptible so this game dies.

I wish society was more accepting of zoo
Granted. You'll now learn the meaning of "death by snu snu"

I wish that people would be more honest
Granted. Everybody says everything in their minds with no filters like Sofia from The Golden Girls

I wish to have sex with a real live version of Blue from Jurassic World that's size she appears in the movies
Granted, I hope you are into vorephilia.

I wish to have a good job again
Granted the public dog sex kennel and training clinic, sting operation set up by the morals police have you scheduled daily 9a to Midnight. Lifetime housing and meals ultimately included.

I wish to have the smell sensitivity of a blood hound.
Granted. Enjoy being able to smell the neighbors' gas when they have Mexican food. Oh and a skunk just got run over a few miles away...

I wish I didn't have a weak sense of smell
Granted. You can now smell the very nitrogen in the air, but since air is 70% nitrogen you can't smell anything else.

I wish I had a box that had a juicy 8" all-beef hotdog in a fresh baked white hotdog bun in it every time you opened it.
Granted. You are now hunted 24/7 by hot dog sellers from all around the world wanting to steal your box

I wish animals would have the same lifespan as humans
Granted. Although laying eggs into person would probably result in their death.

I wish I would be more limber
granted you've been discovered as 'the limber' a new serial killer who eats people's limbs.

i wish we had more porn of looking inside female dogs' anus
Granted. There is so much porn of that now, that there is actually no other porn and the entire world is out to get you for ruining their fun.

I wish I had a blank white 9"x11" sheet of paper.