Anyone ever out themselves by talking in their sleep?

So recently I have started dipping my toe into opening up about my zoo interest to my fiance. Its not something we've discussed in much detail but I did tell her that I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I was being "ridden" by a horse. This didnt surprise her "too" much as she is aware of my BD collection, but I did admit to actually having these fantasies for most of my life. She took it pretty well and has teased me about liking horses a couple of brief times since. Honestly I prefer dogs but Im not gonna complain hearing her actually joke about me being with a horse.

With that said I found out something very surprising on my way out the door to work this morning. Apparently this morning while I was still asleep I was having some kind of a dream (that I dont remember having sadly) and moaned out "Good boy" very seductively. She assumed I must have been dreaming about a horse when I corrected her I normally would only call a dog "good boy" and she gave me a weird little smirk lol.

So has anyone else ever had a time where they gave out a little too much personal information to someone by sleep talking?


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I don’t think I talk in my sleep, or at least nobody has ever mentioned me talking in my sleep. But then again I don’t sleep in the same room as other humans normally.