1. Sheppermutt

    Emergency Plans if caught?

    Does anyone here have any emergency plans if someone were to catch you? We all have our fears. Family coming home early, a nosy neighbor looking in the window, a drone flying over your property, a friend accidentally finding your search history, suspicious vet, etc. What are your current...
  2. Cookiesanddonuts

    Getting caught

    I’ve had the luck of never been caught in the act nor raised suspicions of it. For anyone who has, what was people’s reaction? Did you get into any trouble? Were they more understanding than expected? I’m curious.
  3. hounddog01

    Would you ever???

    Ok let's say your into this lifestyle male\female\shemale does not matter. You either have a daughter or son (does not matter what age they are) and you think they might be into this life style \ or would not mind trying this lifestyle out. Would you surprise them with a new pet and a jar of...
  4. R

    Anyone ever out themselves by talking in their sleep?

    So recently I have started dipping my toe into opening up about my zoo interest to my fiance. Its not something we've discussed in much detail but I did tell her that I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I was being "ridden" by a horse. This didnt surprise her "too" much as she is aware of...
  5. Mike4k9

    Less Time For Loving During Lockdown?

    Because everyone you live with is now stuck in the house, are you unable to be with your animal partner? Please share in the comments who your lover is and details on what you do and how you do it during these times.