1. oringzoo

    23 M new here

    Hello everyone, I’m a 23 yo guy who is very new to zoophilia. It started when there was a video that went around my school. It was about a man getting mounted by a big dog. I was very interested and wanted to see more so I started looking on my laptop for more vids. Now that I’m older I think...
  2. shygirl

    Hi everyone. Glad to be here.

    I am so glad to be part of this community. My husband and I are so interested in animal love. I am well under 30 years of age, and I love sex. I love human sex a lot, and have limited experience with animals. When my husband and I got to together, we were watching porn together and he mentioned...
  3. Johndo30


    Hi all, I'm totally new here, .I'm a guy from the Netherlands 🇳🇱 I speak Dutch, German and English. I started to have dog fantasies when i was very young.but not much experience yet. Like taboo / the sky is the limit. Would love to know how it feels to get kinky with a girl/woman...
  4. lixalot

    Fl 24 ftm trans male started getting licked when i was 12, desperate to get licked again

    title says it all. if i can’t have the real thing i at least want to talk about it. hmu
  5. lucyfuu91

    My very first time

    Hey everyone I would like to share my very first time experience with a dog. At the time, I had a golden retriever who regularly slept in my room. I started watching zoo porn really young and it turned me on every time. I used to regularly touch myself on it, but I never had the idea of trying...
  6. A

    Looking to join some zoo telegram groups

    Hey there! I know my profile is pretty blank thats because im pretty new and don’t really know how to use this forum lol. Would love to chat with like minded pervs on telegram so just pm me your user and lets have fun(: ill be way more open there
  7. A

    Female Zoowatcher Who wants to chat

    Hey Im a 20yr female who loves to watch zoo vids. I get off to anything taboo and I would to talk with some of you guys here so I can have some like minded friends 😌 Please pm I would to talk to y’all and Im also on telegram too!
  8. VelvetTastes

    28 f Here

    Hello and hi! My name's Velvet and I'm new to the site. I've experienced the lifestyle before but it was well over ten years ago (family dog, like so many other girls). I'm looking for a nice community to settle into that respects their animals and loves them deeply! It's great to meet you all!
  9. C

    Me and my girlfriend want our first experience

    Me 37 and my girlfriend 22 . I’ve been watching dog porn for some years and never spoke about it to anyone , and for some reason I showed my girlFriend some videos thinking maybe she’d go mad And call me some pervert , but she actually loved it and made her so so horny , so now we are planning...
  10. L.A.M


    Iv been thinking about being inside a dog or mare (or sheep) for a long time, iv been searching far and wide for people who are willing to let me mate with their partners and it's been a good year of radio silence. What am I doing wrong?