1. Okami no Koibito

    40+M: Introduction

    I guess this has always been a part of me. As a kid growing up in the 80's I watched a lot of cartoons, and if you watched the cartoons I did, you know that female animal cartoons were drawn differently. I didn't have any pets in the house until I was late in my teens, and well, that's probably...
  2. S

    Has anyone ever tried with a wolf/wolfdog (male or female)

    Whats up guys im new to the site, so im just curious if anyone has actually successfully manage to mate with one. I cant find any vids/pics of any, other than the fake wolf-looking vids that are on the other sites, hopefully you guys can lend be a hand on that
  3. Juan Lobo

    Imagine a wolf in your bed... 🐺

    Imagine having a beautiful wolf next to you in bed, hug him affectionately and caress his genitals, penetrate him or let him penetrate you and one fills the other with cum, all before sleeping.
  4. Dogsuckergirl


    Has anyone tried having sex with a wolf dog or a wolf? it's too risky? I want as much information as possible about this...I just love these animals haha
  5. docg


    Hey everyone, ok so this isn’t actually a toy but I just found this in wish ... I’m honestly so confused... is it sexy Or funny? 🤣 I started at funny now I’m on sexy 😂