1. dogylover201208

    hear to help

    if you need any light editing like a face blur or some text in a video you can hmu send a chat to my account i get right back
  2. VadiaNoCio

    Buy a Mask

    Hiii! While browsing the internet I came up with the idea of saving money to buy a dog mask so that I could record videos and things like that, what do you think?
  3. F

    Where would I post a service thread?

    So I wish to open up my video upscale services to everybody here for free and allow users to request a video of theirs to be upscaled. It would be one thread where the main post would be updated to include new download links to upscaled videos and other users would comment a video of theirs...
  4. Enigma214

    Great Danes: Natural Clowns - Video

    Great Danes: Natural Clowns
  5. HugDoggy

    Walking the walk

    Hi everyone, I've had an idea for a little video and I need to try and find as many dogs as possible. All they need to do is basically just walk into and out of camera frame in front of a solid colour background, so I can key out the back ground and just leave the dog. No collars or harnesses...
  6. blackwhitetiger

    trouver un moyen de protection

    sorry to bother you, I would like to know if there is a place on the site to explain to me how to protect or secure photo or video. I know there are some who are going to tell me `` well if you don't want to be stolen some, well, publish in not ''. And yes I use the search bar but considering...
  7. WildDog

    Massive content archive in the works

    Hey all~ I'm currently working on a massive project to store, sort, and condense all the photo and video content I have regarding zoo & beast topics, using all the siterips and compilation torrents I've come across in my years. I intend on making it accessible as possible once I eventually...
  8. FloofyNewfie

    What's the last YouTube video you watched?

    Post a link of the last YouTube video you watched! (It doesn't need to be necessarily zoo related) I'll start with this hilarious video, I nearly died laughing when he started talking about Clifford The Big Red Dog's dick!
  9. pes

    Is making porn worth the effort?

    To all people who invest their time into creating quality content. If you consider the energy you have to put into setting up the camera, tripod, light, external trigger, inspection and post processing. Plus the actual photo/video shooting where you have to pay attention to not causing...
  10. FloofyNewfie

    What's the best messenger?

    So Telegram/Vidogram are absolute trash, and skype is dead. What is a good messenger to use nowadays? Preferably one that has end-to-end encryption, but also has video calling capabilities. So far I'm on Signal, but I'm very disappointed with it. Also, I'd like a platform with both mobile and...
  11. SloppyTac0

    Watching Videos on Zooville (Read if your having issues)

    If your having issues watching videos uploaded to Zooville, its likely that your trying to watch a video format that is not supported by your browser. Its important to note that unlike a "tube" site like YouTube or PornHub, which take videos uploaded by their users and re-encodes them into a...