1. M

    Hello, I'm new and nervous MTF

    Hi all, I'm on the eastern seaboard and really nervous about posting this. I never really considered myself a zoo despite occasionally watching irl zoo porn and frequently looking at furry zoo porn. Wasn't until I read this article that I discovered a few days ago that I realized a big part of...
  2. cuntboy

    Inexperienced but interested

    Hello, I just found this forum today and figured I would give it a shot. I'm an FtM male who has always been very interested in sex with non-human male individuals; real or fictional. I mostly just write original fiction short stories about non-human intercourse with FtMs, but I haven't found...
  3. A

    how to raise a puppy??

    hi! very new to zoo stuff here but here goes. my family is getting a new dog. he is a male and he is young right now, but i’m in college, so there are gaps that i’ll see him though. he will be probably 5-7 months old by the time i’m home full time again (i’m trying to learn age specifics rn) i...
  4. Knottingley

    Trans Guy from the UK

    Just dropping in to say hi from the South west! I've been fantasising about dogs for a long time now, and have kind of been avoiding facing the truth that I might enjoy canine company a lot more than expected, but I haven't taken a knot yet. My first (and last) experiences were when I was...
  5. B

    took my first knot today- total surprise

  6. Z

    REVIEW AND STORY: ElypseArt's Inflatable Dog Dildo

    Hey all! So I want to preface by saying that I have never taken an actual dog before so I can not say whether it is accurate or not, but I have seen other reviews that says they feel very accurate when you fill them with warm water. At the end, I included how I used it last night. <3 THE COLOR...