1. N

    Knot or not

    Lately i was having this discussion with a female friend of mine who is also into zoo. She has 2 dogs, a male and female. They are both intact and mate frequently. She stated that being knotted as a female human is an urban legend and it’s impossible for a male dog to tie with a human female for...
  2. Ozguy49

    Knotting preferences , turned or knot?

    Hi all, this is for active members both male and female, when you're doggy lover knots you do you prefer him to turn so you are butt to butt or remain on your back? Whichever way you like the most can you please tell us why, what are the pros/cons for you and your boy. I asked the same question...
  3. TheoTheGermanShephard

    You decide what I should do

    Hay guys I hope you're doing well and had/have a wonderful day ! Next Thursday I'm completely alone in the house with my dog and my toys 🤫🤤. And I thought to my self wouldn't it be fun to let the community decide what I should do. 😊 I'm always looking for new an fun things and I'm slowly running...
  4. Madtraxxas

    Living cum bucket

    I'd love to be tied up in a barn or a room and have multiple horny animals fill me up with endless amounts of there cum and breed me like there b*tch untill I'm overflowing