1. IAmAFunGuy

    Way to list gender and pronouns:

    I feel like there should be an optional blank here to write your desiered pronouns and your gender here:
  2. IAmAFunGuy

    Profile "About" Change

    I noticed that the "About" page on our profiles has a characters limit of 10,000. I was wonder if it would be possible to make it so that there is no limit on the number of characters you can have in your "About" page. The reason I want this is because I put lots of links on my about page...
  3. C

    Please Upgrade This 😔

    Show Threads with thumbnail.... Another Option For Media Sharing..... Add External Streaming Site Where Users Upload Videos And Post Thread+Comments With Screenshots+External Link It will fix mobile user lags bcoz of auto play videos...
  4. M

    The perfect dildo - collecting ideas for a project

    Hi, I am very interested in collecting your personal opinion about non-human sex toys and i would greatly appreciate any kind of feedback you can give, i'm just asking a few questions to see if i can create something (atm as a personal project) that could satisfy a lot of you or even everyone...
  5. IAmAFunGuy

    Profile Feature Suggestion

    So I know admins can pin threads to the top of certain parts of the forum. I think it would be awesome if users could pin a message on their profile, so it would always be on the top. I'm sure this wouldn't be easy to implement, but it would be amazing.
  6. IAmAFunGuy

    Articles of Research Section Suggestion

    I think it would be awesome if the admins could add a "Book" prefix to the list of available ones. Cause otherwise there isn't a good way to categorize books, unless you just put it under "Zoo Research and Data".
  7. D

    Can we have a save as draft feature?

    I really would love to start on writing stories but kinda on a busy schedule because of the pandemic and all and I really hate opening up a new word or notepad with the bajillion windows open from my work. I hoped for a save as draft feature so that whenever I visit back on this site, I could...
  8. K9FurLife

    Suggestion for the Personal Ads & Meetup Section

    Hi ZooVille, Thanks so much for setting up this amazing website! Hopefully this subject matter is in the right place. I have a suggestion for the Personal Ads & Meetup section. I love that it's broken up into different regions and then by states for the USA. I'm in California and one challenge...