1. K

    Types of places of what you live in

    1. Ok so do you live in a house, condo, apartment, mobile home/ trailer. 2. Do you think people can hear you having sex with your animals? Do you hear people having sex with there animals. Got any stories your willing to share. Or anybody caught them by looking in the windows?
  2. S


    A while ago I came across a book called "The Stallion Rides and Other Erotic Horse-Mansex Stories" and it's really cool to see some media out there like that. I ended up buying it too. Do any of you guys have books similar to this?
  3. alexc42099

    Wanna meet girls

    FYI in not gay, but im open to message other guys it no big deal really. However i am interested in meeting and talking to other girls here. Id love to hear stories of girls and their dogs or other animals. so if you could tell me some id appreciate it.
  4. ZooBoy141

    best experiences

    people who have experiences with different animal species, which has been the best you have lived I am new to this world of zoo and I would like to read your best stories
  5. C

    Are women really blackmail into beast?

    I hear people claim that the women in commercial porn are blackmailed into making beast video. But I see no evidence of this as the ones i watch seem to consent to fuck on camera. After all they should know what they are getting themselves into. Maybe its something I'm missing but I just dont...
  6. huskylove2020

    Zoo Fun at Work

    Anyone who works with animals have any fun? I’m huge into animals and have worked for kennels, vets, and shelters. At one of my dog daycare jobs, I once was asked to give my managers husky a bath. His name was Apollo. Best day I ever had at work. I had to take him into the employee bathroom...
  7. E minor


    Приветствую всех! Покидайте, пожалуйста, ссылки на порноистории о геях-зоофилах. Можно с собаками, можно с лошадьми, но главное - это два самца. Буду очень признателен)
  8. bartaby

    Any more true stories?

    Something I use this site for is to read more stories about M/ female dogs. I've read pretty much all the stories here, and I was hoping anyone would have more REAL stories from any other sites. Maybe from beast forum, or the older version of zooville (before it got compromised)? I would be...