1. Obs3cur

    How is fake horse cum done in commercial porn?

    I was wondering because after I made this forum post I got a response of a vid with real horse cum being more liquidy and clear like. So my question is how are those yogurty thick horse cum shots made? Because in some videos it looks like the horse is actually cumming that thick yogurt, so it...
  2. Obs3cur

    Is this real Horse Semen?

    Hey yall I was reading the other posts about how a lot of cum shots in commercial porn are faked, specifically horses where the cum is too yogurty or thick? But is this one real? Because you can kind of see another “pump” of cum, which leads me believe that its real because how could you fake...
  3. femboy_furry:3

    Horse Cum Myth or Fact

    I’ve heard horse cum is sweet and thick almost like a pudding. I think it is because some horse racing stadiums sell shots of whiskey with horse semen in it so I assume it adds something. Can someone confirm if this is true?
  4. dpound4zoo

    Semen flavor depends on diet?

    Is dog semen like human semen where depending on what they eat will impact the flavor of their semen?
  5. morunomi

    Does remaining dog semen in vagina prevent human insemination?

    I am wondering about this. Obviously it's not possible for a woman to get impregnated by a dog and become pregnant. But after the dog cums in a woman's vagina, the semen travels into the uterus and the usual places just like human semen. And it may remain there for a few hours or even days? So...
  6. pes

    Community cum education efforts

    There was recently a discussion here that touches the topic of fake cum used in predominantly commercial zoo porn. That brought me to an idea of creating educational material that would undeniably demonstrate what real...
  7. pes

    Fake dog cum vs reality (consistency, taste, smell, appearance)

    What does real dog cum look like? Some people may not know so here it is: Real cum: Dogs ejaculate semen as three distinctive fractions: 1. Pre-sperm fraction: this is usually slightly cloudy in appearance and has a volume of roughly 0.5 to 2 ml. 2. Sperm-rich fraction: in normal dogs, this...
  8. D

    Doggie cum stains

    Hello everyone, I have been reading a lot for threads and saw lots of people saying about doggie cum stains, how they found them in their friends apartments, their brother apartments, so i wanna know how these stains look like. I don't have a dog, so I can't find it out myself <3. Can you send...
  9. elshara

    Have You Ever Tasted?

    Try to put the name of the species you have been with and what your experience was like. Optionally, make a suggestion to what you'd like to try. See if someone else can respond. Oral only!