1. FloofyNewfie

    A Breakdown on the Warning Points System

    This thread is to serve as a basic comprehensive breakdown of the warning points system and what warning points/strikes mean. Baring zoo-sadism, pedophilia, being under the age of 18, doxing (as in posting PII of someone else), spamming advertising links, and a handful of other rule infractions...
  2. pes

    What is worth reporting (with examples and images)

    Over the past few weeks I have been told that people are not sure what to report or what to look out for in videos. So here over time I will put examples and occasionally images of the stuff I regularly report and get successful removals from. Reporting content does not automatically remove it...
  3. pes

    Fake cum and rules

    I did a quick search through the rules here: And did not find any mention of fake cum. If it is hidden there somewhere, please point it out for me. After yesterday's experience I would like to suggest adding a rule against posting...
  4. FloofyNewfie

    How many here have actually read ZooVilles rules?

    I'm curious to see how many people here have actually fully read the rules of ZooVille? I pretty much have them all memorized at this point. Rules can be found here 》
  5. Otter4Bear

    Zoosexual Manifesto

    Hey guys! I couldn't sleep and decided to put together my own pattern of behavior as it pertains to our furry fluffy fuzzy friends. Let me know your thoughts and if there's more worthy ideas to add to what my oxygen deprived brain managed to scrape up from a night of idleness. Also slighty...
  6. dogluver101


    Welcome to ZooVille! Thanks for making Zooville your home! We welcome everyone that's presently a zoo, curious, or just trying to get their foot in the water! We currently have our list of guidelines that everyone needs to follow. !!!!ATTENTION!!!! AS STATED FROM THE TERMS AND POLICY POST THAT...