1. anonalias01

    Public fantasies

    Anyone else ever fantasize about bring your dog somewhere outside of the beaten path in the woods where you could jerk or suck or whatever while hearing Strangers walk past? Or "accidentally" letting a stranger on the bus see the zoo vid you're watching on your phone? Or asking someone walking...
  2. pes

    Public bans

    There have been a few people asking for a public thread on why accounts are banned. Now obviously often the ban is not very interesting or clear unless you have access to the mod options. Often it is: "Too many broken rules" "Duplicate account" "Asked for deletion" ... But a thread like this...
  3. KnotHoles

    Dog park ?

    Has anyone ever worn pheromones while they take a walk through a local dog park just to see if they get any attention?
  4. wnfo

    Is it possible for a girl to have sex with a wolf?

    Is it possible for a girl to have sex with a wolf? If the answer is no, what is the reason?
  5. jumba

    Where do you (active or not) hang with your pets outside the house?

    I'm curious: where in the world are we? What do we do outside with our furry companions? I'm always curious to know where I might have passed like minded people and never had the courage to strike up a conversation. Without a dog myself, I don't get out for daily walks, but more than once I've...
  6. ZooAdicto

    What is a registration token?

    Hello, I'm trying to register in order to participate in the zooville chat, and, even though I have read the instructions, I don't know how to create a registration token.... I've tried to search in Google for a solution, but I'm still lost..... What is a registration token? How do I insert one...
  7. Lanny_99

    Just a question (for the girls)

    I hope I'm not the only one who thinks so... But that's ok! Let me talk about what's going on... I've been getting into a new habit of collecting my dog's sperm and putting it in my meals, I admit it's been making me a lot more excited lately... I even went so far as to put it in a small...
  8. Minty

    First Time Today!

    Happy thanksgiving today! I had my first time with a cute golden lab mix today as I was out in my neighborhood. Two dogs both start to follow me and I knew that once I saw they were both unfixed I thought I could have my chance to say! I stayed with the lab and started to stroke him off...
  9. Cookiesanddonuts

    Dog wanting sex around other people

    Does your dog ever show signs they want sex with you while around others? How do you deal with it?