1. Blazzy

    Would you have sex with a random pregnant woman that is NOT your partner/significant other?

    I've always wanted to have sex with a random pregnant woman. There is something about pregnant women that I find really sexy. I'm curious who else would too.
  2. Vile

    Getting a Dog Pregnant by Human Semen

    So I'm aware that it's "impossible" to get a female dog pregnant by human semen, but I have an idea why not use "mutation" to alter the DNA to be able to match that of a human if that's too complex let's start simple with making them lactate, this is just a prototype I need to gather opinions...
  3. N

    Pregnant Women & Zoo

    hi all my girlfriend is pregnant, she is afraid to play with dog i just want to know anyone experienced this situation? is it safe? she is two month pregnant ... she is active with our rottie for 5 years.