1. vanman88

    Podcast interest?

    Hey Everyone, I've been reading the odd post or two about peoples experiences and desires to have experiences, and I have decided to start a podcast. I've listened to most of the recent zooier than thou stuff, but have lost interest unfortunately. So wanted to put it out to everyone on here...
  2. EmVel


    Is there any podcasts on the internet about zoophilia and bestiality? Just curious.
  3. johnbaathlocke

    What is a good episode to introduce a fellow youngster into the podcasts and the topic itself?

    I spent a a winter month last year in some village without any internet or smartphones with my family but I had the stray dogs there. long lame story later, our totalitarian government took them and either killed them directly or put them in the dog cannibalism prison There is some fellow...
  4. Nightwalker762

    More Zoo podcasts?

    I really enjoy Zooier than thou, I'm pretty sure l listened to all of the episodes already and I'm always waiting for the next one, I wish the episodes were more frequent :3 Are there any other zoo podcasts out there I can listen to?
  5. P

    [Philozoophie] Un essai de podcast français : La loi actuelle

    Juste un petit essai qui va débarquer cette semaine... En cours d'écriture.
  6. TogglesHappyZoo

    Zooier Than Thou

    Zooier Than Thou is the world’s first monthly podcast covering the zoophile community and all things zooey and wonderful. Featuring in-depth discussions, dating advice, and original songs and skits, all with a great deal of playful candor, Zooier Than Thou sets itself apart with an openly...