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Zooier Than Thou

Zooier Than Thou is the world’s first monthly podcast covering the zoophile community and all things zooey and wonderful. Featuring in-depth discussions, dating advice, and original songs and skits, all with a great deal of playful candor, Zooier Than Thou sets itself apart with an openly positive and joyful interpretation of what it is to be a zoophile.

Over the years, ZooTT has grown to include a multitude of hosts and guests, collectively bringing decades of animal activism and cross-species romance to the mic, with the help of a dedicated cast and crew of zooey talent. There may be others out there doing the same thing, but ZooTT aims to do it the best!
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  1. S4E7. Dear Non-Zoos, or How to Talk to Zoos

    Tune into WZOO college radio, with DJs Akito and Brass Bulldog spinning brand new music from...
  2. S4E6. Dog Days

    S4E6. Dog Days This episode marks the official end of 2022's Dog Days of Summer. Grab a cold...
  3. S4E5. Pride Praxis

    Celebrate zoo pride at the world's first zoo convention in this extended episode. Our Main Event...
  4. S4E4. The ZETA Principles

    Mike, Aqua, and Toggle explore the evolution of the ZETA principles, the reasons they were...
  5. S4E3. ZooTTin’ the Bull

    Kick back and relax with the ZooTT crew as we discuss everything from zoo science to cartoon...
  6. S4E2. Going MAD

    Attend the tale of Stuart Adams: his humble beginnings, his rise to prominence, and how it all...
  7. S4E1. What’s Zooing On?

    Vex and Lovecat get the skinny on 7 different projects happening right now in the zoo community...
  8. S3E12. Three Years of ZooTT!

    Toggle and Steeeve take it easy on this chill season finale celebrating three years of ZooTT...
  9. S3E11. The Safety Dance 2022!

    S3E11. The Safety Dance 2022! Aqua and Kynophile introduce the concept of OPSEC and offer...
  10. S3E10. Life Isn’t Over

    The ghosts of Christmas future are rattling their blockchains! Sigma and Mike the Dog discuss...
  11. S3E9. So What’s the Deal with Veganism?

    Aqua and Lovecat are joined by Toggle to answer listener questions about Veganism and share...
  12. S3E8. Howloween 2021!

    Steeeve and Zemen host this Howloween Double Feature! First up: in the hazy realm between light...
  13. S3E7. What Matters Most

    The ZooTT crew continues the discussion about zoo activism where Sigma left off in S3E5. What...
  14. S3E6. Coming Out 2021

    Zoos have been finding the courage to come out, and our inbox has been flooded with your...
  15. S3E5. Following in Queer Footsteps

    In this Zoo Pride episode, Mike the Dog and Sigma continue last month's discussion with Argil...
  16. S3E4. Before Stonewall - The High Cost of Silence

    Mike the Dog and Sigma are joined by Argil for a history lesson on the gay rights movement...
  17. S3E3. Get Help!

    S3E3. Get Help! Aqua and Toggle are joined by Dr. Hani Miletski for a discussion about therapy...
  18. S3E2. Defining Our Culture and Our Spaces

    "Wherever we are, that's where people will find us." Toggle interviews three zoos about zoo...
  19. S3E1. Zoophilia and Religion

    Kynophile and Lovecat are joined by a pagan, an indigenous American, and a christian to discuss...
  20. S2E12. How to Make a Podcast

    Join Zemen, Togs, and Tugs for a friendly dive into the world of podcasting. Plus, learn about...

Latest reviews

5 starts if there was 6 starts would rate it 6 starts listening to the new Episodes Right now.
You're very kind! Thanks for listening!
Love the podcast! Toggle you rock. Keep up the good work. I’m only just finishing the traveling zoo can’t wait for the rest!
It keeps getting better, imo!
The message is obvious as well as friendly. As a bonus it's very informative
We do our best <3
For being new to technology into this zoo community I have already had many similar conclusions as you all did Like animal slaves and religions and evil power Colt either way love what y’all doing not just super politics for zoo and human nonhuman people EFA rights I’m a farm boy and absolutely love to meet you all in a protest 🪧 to get there for liberties and rights for all once the country is not divided and then we can focus on detecting the corrupt and getting them out of power make America great again they won’t be black and white fighting going on conspiracy theory the government dividing the country divided we fall together we stand. Sorry I’m a very radical person I think. I’m a hermit don’t go to town but once a month to get supplies and don’t socialize at all homeschool as well again sorry
There's a lot to unpack here, but for now, thanks for listening! I'm glad you enjoy the podcast!
very ineresting and informative
Thanks <3 We do our best!
i love it. amazing production quality and content.
Thanks so much <3 We do our very best!
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Lovely podcast that gives the zoo community a platform to speak on. It's very rare to find such open and honest podcasts about the topic and I love tuning In when I can. Keep up the good work.
I appreciate that! We really want to keep the discussions open, honest, and nuanced. Glad that's shining through!
Found the podcast through a YouTube video denouncing it and portraying it as a disgusting and evil thing. But they managed to get you guys a new subscriber lol. I guess sometimes bad publicity can be a good thing.. love the show, and keep up the great work
All publicity is good publicity! I'm glad you found your way here <3
Amazing and welcoming podcast. Really love the how the podcast is done. Keep going guys you are awesome.
Thanks a ton <3 <3