1. PinkNinja

    Female 31 Owner Cane Corso

    HI! I've never tried using a forum like this before so I'm a bit nervous. I'm Female 31 I am the owner of two dogs Cane Corso Boys. I've been attracted to K9 for as long as I can remember What seemed like me just growing up dog crazy evolved into something much deeper It wasn't until I had an...
  2. T

    Hello- Long Time Lurker. Time to actually participate. ;-)

    Hello all, Long time lurker here. 55yo, Male from NW Alabama. I'm an "owner" (6 yr old, experienced Choc Lab). I'd love to chat with others in my area once I get my count up high enough. ;-)
  3. FloofyNewfie

    Fence Hopping/Owner Hopping Rule Update

    We've decided that moving forward we will be taking a stricter approach to Fence Hopping and Owner Hopping on the forum. This new rule was added on the 4th of April, 2023. [HERE] is the initial update, and [HERE] is where the rule has been added. This new rule states: "7. Threads which...
  4. DogAlpha

    Hellooo Zooville 29M Owner

    Hey all! New to the community! Early 30s/M Since beastforum is offline i searched for an other forum and im happy i found this one. Im a K-9 lover and owner of 2 dogs a boy and a girl I have experiences with my male dog and my female. I have attached some pictures to my post I am looking...
  5. D

    Owning a dog questions.

    I am lonely. Dating sucks. I need constant affection. I wonder if owning a pet could help with this but I know that owning one can have some challenges as well. Those are my questions. 1-I know that you need to be outgoing to own a dog and have A LOT of time for them. I am curious to know if...