1. N

    I told an owner to his face that his dog licked me when he wasn’t looking…

    Hi! Hello and thanks for stopping in. I have a sense of relief after coming back in contact with the guy whose dog licked me, my first and only time. Being able to tell him face to face, about it… and how it made me feel. All true, all current events. So last night (3/9/24) I told my first...
  2. C

    Introducing myself, Colorado husky owner.

    Hey everyone!!! Chill 30 M here stoner and EDM vibe very kinky and open minded never would guess I have the tastes that I do and love chatting with and becoming friends who are open minded as well! I’m not new to the lifestyle but new to the community and am hopeful and excited. I’m open for...
  3. B

    has your dog ever been someone’s first time?

    i’ve been into zoo for years but i’ve never been fucked by a dog, but i really want to. no dogs i’ve been around have been interested but i just wanna be railed by a massive dog. i love all the big breeds. mastiff and rottweiler are the dream. any owners ever let their dog take someone’s...
  4. PinkNinja

    Female 31 Owner Cane Corso

    HI! I've never tried using a forum like this before so I'm a bit nervous. I'm Female 31 I am the owner of two dogs Cane Corso Boys. I've been attracted to K9 for as long as I can remember What seemed like me just growing up dog crazy evolved into something much deeper It wasn't until I had an...
  5. T

    Hello- Long Time Lurker. Time to actually participate. ;-)

    Hello all, Long time lurker here. 55yo, Male from NW Alabama. I'm an "owner" (6 yr old, experienced Choc Lab). I'd love to chat with others in my area once I get my count up high enough. ;-)
  6. FloofyNewfie

    Fence Hopping/Owner Hopping Rule Update

    We've decided that moving forward we will be taking a stricter approach to Fence Hopping and Owner Hopping on the forum. This new rule was added on the 4th of April, 2023. [HERE] is the initial update, and [HERE] is where the rule has been added. This new rule states: "7. Threads which...
  7. DogAlpha

    Hellooo Zooville 29M Owner

    Hey all! New to the community! Early 30s/M Since beastforum is offline i searched for an other forum and im happy i found this one. Im a K-9 lover and owner of 2 dogs a boy and a girl I have experiences with my male dog and my female. I have attached some pictures to my post I am looking...
  8. D

    Owning a dog questions.

    I am lonely. Dating sucks. I need constant affection. I wonder if owning a pet could help with this but I know that owning one can have some challenges as well. Those are my questions. 1-I know that you need to be outgoing to own a dog and have A LOT of time for them. I am curious to know if...