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  1. K

    Hello new to the site.

    Hello my name is k9stripper. And I can't wait to look around this website. I plan on being a active user who will reply, post, interact with all the users on here.
  2. KadeBoltz

    Any Info for those New to the Community...

    I am fairly new to being part of a Community and I keep hearing others talk about or mention the abuse of animals in porn. So that made me wonder what others that identify as Zoo Exclusive consider sexual abuse on animals. I'll admit that I have not watched a lot of Zoo Porn, so my definition of...
  3. T

    New Member here…

    My friend turned me on to this website once we both found out that we shared secret interests. It’s nice to know that once was a secret shame could finally feel like something completely new. Anyway, thank you for letting me be a part of this! Mad phoenix
  4. C

    Im new to bestiality and i got questions

    I'm sorry if these questions have been answered and if so a link would be much appreciated that being said: • What happened to zooskool? • What happened to the models from the past i.e. Simone (want to see more of her), Andy private, ida private, knotty, yasmin, stray x, Camila, Alice etc •...
  5. Kitana

    New member Girl from Canada

    HI Girl from Canada Newfoundland 29 year Owner of a rottweiler boy. I found this form on The podcast Zooier Than Thou on spotify. I was super happy to see so many others with the same interest for dogs. I have a girl friend with the same interest she will also join the forum she has a few more...