male and female dog

  1. F


    Hello, I'm new here, and I would like to know if anyone else likes PMVs, for those who don't know this type of video, they are videos where pornographic images or videos are compiled but with background music. But since we are in a zoo forum, in this case it would be PMV about zoophila...
  2. Z

    How do I get my dog into sex?

    i often try to please her when she is coming to get pets or jumps up on a chair with me, but she always jumps off before i can get my fingers in her. I don't go fast so I know it isn't uncomfortable, she just doesn't like it What should I do?
  3. R

    Hello I am new here

  4. H

    New here! (Dog picture)

    Hey everyone! I’m new here, so I just wanted to say hi. Any advice for the site? Here’s a picture of my girl.
  5. sanctuarybody

    25YO Bi Male UK (Looking for K9/Mare Owners)

    Hey everyone! I’m a bisexual guy in his mid twenties with male and female dog experience and looking to add to this after my dog sadly passed earlier this year. Also into trying my first mare if any farmers are looking for new mates etc! Hope to chat to some of you ☺️
  6. R

    New to Beast, what age is best to try intercourse with f dog?

    My pup is 9 weeks right now and I know that’s too soon but does anyone know what the ideal time is to start training and trying things is?
  7. W


    new here made an account to find stories of others who are likeminded im a gay 28 year old male interest into M/F or M/M mostly dogs. just saying Hi! and hoping to meet new people!
  8. T

    Texas thread

    Hello 22 m new here looking to experience new things..interested with female dog anyone know who or where .. I live in south Texas.
  9. M

    La découverte [histoire]

    Je ne sais pas si on peut poster des histoires en Français dans le section "stories and writting", alors dans le doute, je poste une histoire ici. Un mélange d'expériences vécues et de faits romancés. En espérant que cela vous plaise. === Je me souviens d’une après-midi ensoleillée, dans la...
  10. Rick

    Getting one of my girls pregnant fantasy

    I have a fantasy about being able to get one of my k9 girls pregnant. this started while having sex with one of my girls while she was on heat and while in pup and had well developed breasts, i found she seemed to really enjoy sex while she was pregnant but i stopped a few week before pups were...
  11. S

    Should I make an instructional video on quickly pleasing your dog?

    So my thing is I like to please my dogs. Since they don't know how to fuck me yet(I may try to encourage them soon for you people patiently waiting for the more hardcore stuff since they are horny all the time but don't know how to hump me yet) I just like to quickly please them and move on. I...
  12. M

    Sex positions for female dogs?

    Hello there, just to be curious. What are good sex positions with female dogs? I know missionary is possible, as well as the typical doggy style. But is there any other forms of sex positions? I’m new to this and was just curious.