make out

  1. jacobainsworth257

    What kinda dog would you want to make out with for hours straight?

    I’m just curious, post pics or not, up to you. I’m not real good on dog breeds yet lol For me it would have to be a huge St. Bernard, super slobbery (I would hope)
  2. jacobainsworth257

    When did you first make out with a dog? And what was the biggest dog you have made out with? Longest time?

    Hello! I’m really uncertain of how To wird it, But Ive always been a massive fan of French kissing! If you have any stories do share or dm me, as I’m very curious!
  3. jacobainsworth257

    What would French kissing a cow+other animals feel like?

    I’m super curious to see if any of you folks might know what that might feel like? I know cow tongues are rough but the underside of their tongues.. 🤤 I might just wanna hear stories or something you guys may have had!
  4. FloofyNewfie

    Sloppy Slobbery Dog Kisses?

    How many of y'all like to "make out" with your doggie companions? For myself I absolutely love sloppy slobbery doggie kisses! I go open mouth using my tongue to produce as much saliva as possible. I also love to make out with my girls for as long as they want. Makes me very horny, and I find it...