horse anal

  1. traye

    To those who have tried horse cock

    Hey, Been wanting to try horse cock for a while but i don't think i will be able too. To those who have experienced this, could you describe to me what the cock itself tasted and felt like aswell as the cum itself, Thanks in advance
  2. D

    New to the site but not the lifestyle

    Hello from nebraska Let me say I have experienced a sow and lab knotting since the age of 13 and love the feeling it both give and takes. I would love some new experiences with a horse and or a boar someday. Till then I'll be searching
  3. A

    Anal sex with a horse.

    Im curious to know how does the anus of a horse feel, as well as stories explaining your experience. Please do go into detail How tight is it? How the orgasm feels. Any anal creampies? Are gapes possible?
  4. EnderMRC

    How would you guys describe a horse penis in one word? What about a dog one?

    I was having a conversation with a friend about this topic and now I'm really curious about everyone's opinion.
  5. M

    What’s your experience with mares?

    Hey everyone! I’m new here, interested in hearing peoples experiences and stories, mainly involving mares, I also have tons of questions! I would love to chat with anyone who has experience with having sex with a mare :) it’s one’s of my biggest dreams and fantasies, I’d love to make it happen...
  6. HorseLoverPerv

    People who have had anal sex with both genders of horses

    Have you found out if mares or stallions enjoy it more?
  7. HorseLoverPerv

    How to properly give a rimjob to a horse?

    Anyone have first hand experience with eating horse ass? I haven’t had sexual encounters with a horse but I’ve been increasingly curious about doing so and figured I should start with spit shining his or her donut hole.
  8. boner5150

    XL Chance feel the same as the Real thing?

    I have the XL Chance and it feels amazing. Though I am very curious how the real thing feels? I feel like the XL Chance is a bit more firm and harder than i could imagine what the real thing feels like.
  9. Z

    What does the inside texture of horse anus feel like?

    According to in this sub area it is "warm, wet, firm, and tight around the entrance", but what is the texture like when you are inside? There must be something you'll feel apart from the grip when moving in and out...