1. TheoTheGermanShephard

    Homemade silicone dog pussy (new project)

    Hay Guys just wanted to show off my first testpour for my new toy. How do you guys like it ? 😊 The mold and desgin is completely self-made (3d printed) with some inspiration from the Flurb Vixenmaker 😊
  2. L

    Homemade canine masturbator

    Hello, I'm making this post to share my experience about making my own canine toy with 3D printer and silicon. I'm doing this because American Meat canine 2 holes is often unavailable due to its success (at the time of writing, it is back in Esty store). I will update my post as I progress (and...
  3. K

    Home made animal sex toys

    Anyone know how to make some animal toys from stuff I can find around the house? I’ve tried the balloon thing. (Basically inflate a balloon inside you) It felt good.