german shepherd

  1. shadAD88

    Need some advice

    So I have a Male GSD still intact and I REALLY want him to mount me. He's 21 months old so 2 years in october. Would it be safe for him to and would it cause a change in behavior as I dont want him to try anything with anyone else in the house. I do still need to have his hips looked at as his...
  2. A

    Is it safe to have sex with my female german shepherd if she's spayed?

    She was spayed when she was 1 and I've been curious if it's safe to have vaginal sex with her because she's spayed. I'm not very knowledgeable on the whole procedure myself as my parents were the ones who did it (she's a family dog). So I was curious if it's safe to have sex with her or if she'd...
  3. D

    Favorite coat/color of German Shepherd?

    AKA an appreciation thread for the world's sexiest breed.
  4. kurbydog

    Taking the big leap

    My GSD is 2 1/2 now, and is very forceful about wanting to lick my ass all the time. When is a good time to start being his bitch, and what is the best way to start. More than anything do not want to do anything that would hurt him. He is still all puppy and constantly wants to play :)
  5. B

    Sex With Animals, Better Than Sex With Humans

    Hi everyone. I’m a 24 year old guy from Ohio. I originally experimented with dogs when I was 13. I had a female German Shepherd named Storm. I’m a gay man (and knew that I was gay and attracted to boys from a very young age) but something about the smell of her pussy and her musk always drove me...
  6. Knottyboy333

    ❄️First snow GSD 2022❄️

    -16 F out and snowing and we’re both loving it, Happy new years everyone! Time for some coffee and snugs
  7. K

    I think my bf is dropping hints?

    …Okay, before you say that’s it’s obviously either of the options, let me just state that I’m autistic, so it can be easy for me to miss obvious things. Anyways, I’ve been with my partner for over 4 years. I’ve had a thing for being eaten out by dogs ever since I learned about sex…. It’s...
  8. Theldryn

    Nice little introduction

    OKAY FIRST REAL POST! My name is Daan (18), I live in the east of the Netherlands (EU) I was allowed to take our lovely German shepherd when I left to leave home. That was a round 8 months ago. His name is Max and he is super good to me! p.s.: i love RP, so hit me up
  9. H

    How to discourage behavior?

    Hello all. I've been playing with my friends g shep and now he has a habit of moving people's hands towards his cock. This has not pleased my friend, and is wondering how he can discourage this behaviour. Would still like to do this, just when an object is out so he knows that he can do that now...
  10. Big_Knot95

    Future first time dog owner *In 5-6 Months* / Training for both Zoo & Non Zoo Interactions

    **REAL QUICK, I used the search bar for something regarding both "First time & Zoo Training + Social Skill Training" but could find specifics to help cater to my question** SO, I'm going to be moving to Brazil with my dad and step family, and while stray dogs are very very common where I'll be...
  11. .white2abbit

    K9 Lover in Ontario

    Friendly 29 year old straight white male here from Durham Region, ON. Long time in the zoo lifestyle(18+ years), finally getting around to joining another forum. My girl is a beautiful black 4 year old Shep/Rottie mix named Octavia I have lots of experiences and coming outs to post about that...