1. G

    Getting to know people.

    First things first, remember to not reveal any personal details as it could put you at risk! Your safety and privacy is important, so you should do your best to protect those things. Alright, now that that's out of the way, hi! I'm GreyFog, a newbie here at this community, and I just want to...
  2. TheZooWolf

    Zoophile playlist?

    So I’m at work atm and I was wondering if any of you know any songs that are zoo related and or remind you of zoo? The ones I can only think of is pepper coyotes songs, and do your worst by rival sons (for the album cover) that’s all I’ve really come up with so please let me know if you have any...
  3. EnderMRC

    How would you guys describe a horse penis in one word? What about a dog one?

    I was having a conversation with a friend about this topic and now I'm really curious about everyone's opinion.
  4. Mn42as


    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and knotty 2023 may all your zoophile wishes come true this new year. Stay safe and stay knotty everyone. 🐕❤️
  5. san47

    nuevo aqui

    mi gente como estan , tengo algo de tiempo viendo zooporn , y he desarrollado una fantasia vollerista de ver como un perro se folla a una mujer, me gustaria estar acostado mientras que la mujer se pone en posición doystyle con su vagina frente a mis ojos y ver todo el proseso de follada ...
  6. NexusTheDergVR

    This site is now saying the Certificate is invalid

    The site is now saying the certificate is invalid upon loading making me have to press 2 extra options before getting on this site. This wasn't the case a few hours ago as it said secure
  7. Madman21

    New dog suggestions

    Hey everyone, I’m gonna be getting a new dog and want to know everyone’s suggestions on a new dog, haven’t decided on male or female yet but if you could add both pluses and negatives it would be appreciate greatly. Bi male here, preferably a medium sized dog breed with a good temper and can...
  8. ZetaMachine

    Movie going pets

    Have you ever been watching TV and it seems like your pet is watching the show with you? I wanted to ask if its happens often to anyone else or if there's a specific show your pet will pay particular attention too.
  9. SalemCromwell95

    What video games are you currently into

    recently broke out my PS2 and it would play shin Megami tensei Nocturne and radiata stories. What games keep your attention these days?
  10. Silvervine