1. TastyDog

    European bi guy, very kinky, friendly

    Hi Zoo Friends! I'm a bi guy, with some experience playing with male dogs. Fascinated by dicks: men, dogs, horses, and their tasty cum of course! I have a deep love for animals in general, and I totally get that someone could fall in love with an animal with which they have a close, intimate...
  2. G

    LA Girl here!

    Hello. Hope you're having an amazing day. Looking to make friends, preferably female. Also looking for owners of male dogs. Have only ever received oral and given a hand job before, but I'm interested in bending over for a good boy.
  3. bbfucknowAUS

    How do you find like minded people

    What is the best advice to find likeminded people in your local communities to share experiences without freaking the wrong people out?
  4. flymolok9

    new in town

    hi one and all thought id drop by and introduce myself. im a 36 yearold gay lad from the south of the ul. very new to all things zoo and just want to get to know like minded people. feel free to say hi. hopefully cant make some friends that i can have soemthings in comman with
  5. beardedwonder8491

    37/m New to Sharing, Seeking Friendship

    Hello, 37/M from Florida. First and foremost, i am here to meet like minded people and hopefully make friends. the sexual aspect comes later. I have been active since the age of 15/16. I am newish to the site and definitely new to sharing my interests. I have never really found anyone to be open...
  6. yourdreamguy

    How do you get to know people with similar interest?

    Hi everyone, hope you're having a great time. I know this is not the best place for this post but here goes anyway. I'm an extremely private person. Not because I want to but I have some sort of communication disorder so I basically suck at talking to people. Except for that, my life is great...
  7. Koula

    20 year old male in El Paso Texas

    Looking for near by owners to share and start friendships with
  8. K

    Looking for friends

    Hey there im an ftm stocky sub from the brisbane area and am looking for friends. I havent had any experiences yet but really want to. Is there anyone out there who wants to hang?
  9. Girl1996

    new here

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site, my name is Victoria, I am 23 years old, I am a girl looking for good and reliable friends on the subject of the site, thanks