female and male dog

  1. K

    Birth Control and Sex with a male dog

    Hi guys! Long time zoo fan, but just recently started teasing my intact male Doberman to try and get him to mount me. I’ve been checking the forum and believe I’ll be able to get him to do it, he was staring at me in anticipation with his cock coming out of his sheath the other day. I wanted to...
  2. knottybarbie

    Triggers for your male K9 lover

    Hiya, Am interested in hearing what triggers your K9 boys so they know they can initiate sex? For my boy its his favourite blanket laid out on the floor in a certain room, me wearing yellow underwear, hair in dutch plait and bright red lipstick and tube socks on display (for his claws to save...
  3. femaleanonzoo

    Neutered dog interested, any tips on how to move forward?

    20F here, ive known ive been into beast/zoo since i was really little, growing up i had experiences with family dogs, though never penetration. i stopped all that until recently, my male neutered dog has show interest in licking me, i let him for about an hour today and he loved it. i begin to...
  4. C

    Newbie wanting to say hi from Australia 🇦🇺

    Hi all, I’m a 28 year old Australian girl from Victoria. I’ve so far only been successful at being mounted twice by a family pet. I wasn’t quick enough to record though 😢 At this point I’m wanting to meet new people with the same interests and hopefully catch-up in real life and partake in...
  5. F

    24 M, San Jose, Cali

    Looking for some cool females in SoCal or NorCal that’s into male k9’s. I move around cali alot so pretty mobile, pretty new to this as well so just hit me up!
  6. F

    Westmidlands UK Couple Seeking Female/Trans to chat

    Seeking female who is in the UK, preferably close by to discuss filthy desires and wants. Must be genuine and able to prove so. Happy to discuss with those mentioned above on kik our addy is the same as on here Forbiddenlove19. Hope to hear from you soon... Very excited!!! Xxxx
  7. Y


  8. N


    Hello all, I’m new to the site. It’s been some time since I have got to play. I’m wondering if there are any local communities in NM that play together?