female and male dog

  1. bruhmoment64

    (Complete newbie) How do I get things started with a sexually mature dog?

    I’ve spent the last few days learning and studying with all the resources that are on this website, reading through everything I see. By no means am I done with my research, I want to be as well informed as I possibly can be before making any decisions. So be it choosing what breed of dog I...
  2. baubaubaubau

    Need advices, new to this! F 33 y/o

    Hello, I'm pretty new into this, but it turns me on so much! I really want to do it with a dog like so badly! I'm a female, 33 y/o and ready to widen my sexial life even more! I need tips, my first question is, should I buy a puppy to train him from his younger age Or would a rescue dog do...
  3. kelslou636

    advice on getting GIANT male dog interested?

    Hello xx my french mastiff who is much bigger than me (picture attached) got neutered about two months ago (mainly to prevent types of cancer). I’ve attempted to get him to mount me but he seems to have no interest. he’ll lick my pu55y forever but will not mount. He is massive and I really want...
  4. L

    Evolution gone wrong?

    Whenever you read about evolution it's always the same bits of information, species A evolved this way to survive and all of these changes ensure their species continues. In the case of humans, lots of people seem to agree that our biological internal clock for wanting children is a result of...
  5. G

    LA Girl here!

    Hello. Hope you're having an amazing day. Looking to make friends, preferably female. Also looking for owners of male dogs. Have only ever received oral and given a hand job before, but I'm interested in bending over for a good boy.
  6. J

    What’s a great dog for a young female new to zoo?

    I’ve been thinking about getting a yorki cause they’re amazing ofc ✨ & plus I had a great experience with my aunts yorki. But I want a dog than can do more than lick. I need to be knotted!! Like dick is my go to. Want a big dog but not too big where I can’t control him, I’m only 5’1 😂 Any dog...
  7. J


    Hi guys 👋🏾 💕 I’m a 19 yo ebony & trying to learn more about zoo. Always been intrigued in my teen years but never tried anything until I was licked by a yorki at 17 🔥🔥🔥 My first experience was amazing! Hope to share more later. Bye for now 💋
  8. K

    Birth Control and Sex with a male dog

    Hi guys! Long time zoo fan, but just recently started teasing my intact male Doberman to try and get him to mount me. I’ve been checking the forum and believe I’ll be able to get him to do it, he was staring at me in anticipation with his cock coming out of his sheath the other day. I wanted to...
  9. knottybarbie

    Triggers for your male K9 lover

    Hiya, Am interested in hearing what triggers your K9 boys so they know they can initiate sex? For my boy its his favourite blanket laid out on the floor in a certain room, me wearing yellow underwear, hair in dutch plait and bright red lipstick and tube socks on display (for his claws to save...
  10. femaleanonzoo

    Neutered dog interested, any tips on how to move forward?

    20F here, ive known ive been into beast/zoo since i was really little, growing up i had experiences with family dogs, though never penetration. i stopped all that until recently, my male neutered dog has show interest in licking me, i let him for about an hour today and he loved it. i begin to...
  11. C

    Newbie wanting to say hi from Australia 🇦🇺

    Hi all, I’m a 28 year old Australian girl from Victoria. I’ve so far only been successful at being mounted twice by a family pet. I wasn’t quick enough to record though 😢 At this point I’m wanting to meet new people with the same interests and hopefully catch-up in real life and partake in...
  12. F

    24 M, San Jose, Cali

    Looking for some cool females in SoCal or NorCal that’s into male k9’s. I move around cali alot so pretty mobile, pretty new to this as well so just hit me up!
  13. Y