1. foxfurry

    Traveling for First time Mare, any suggestions?

    Hello, I’ve been around for while, just a little bit of a lurker. I have a dilemma and I’d like some valid input and opinions before I move forward but first I’ll try to explain. I talked with a long time friend recently who I haven’t seen in some years, a female who is engaged, her partner is...
  2. BeteDeBalo

    Most realistic horse dildo?

    Like is Chance the best shot or are there any other places that make really good and really lifelike equine toys?
  3. H

    First post a small story and maybe some advice

    Just wanted to start this off by saying hi I'm glad to be here and I hope to be kind of active here and get to know you all! As for the story I decided to share it because I think this started my slight interest in this stuff and I'm hoping to do it again at some point. To keep it short last...
  4. L

    To whomever was with Skeeter

    I am not really sure what to say. Someone has been on here posting about Skeeter. I have just recently been informed that he was on this site. Skeeter was my dog, owned by me and no one else. He was supposed to be off limits to this. No matter what my curiosity was, he would be never be...
  5. pasiphae

    Equine roleplay?

    Anyone interested??