dog cum

  1. W

    How long does it take for dogs to fully cum when having sex?

    What do you think is the average duration?
  2. FullofNastiness

    Naughty confessions.

    I will get it started. Last night I got a pair of my wife’s clean thong panties and milked our dog into the gusset patch of the thong, soaking it with his cum while she was out hanging out with her girlfriend. Then I put them back in her panty drawer. Then this morning she got up earlier than...
  3. Dorian Tyrell

    The Smell! - Follow up on @Anonette thread "When your dog fills you up..."

    So the @Anonette thread read "When your dog fills you up, do you clean right away or prefer to keep everything inside?" and a lot of you keep the cum inside and go about your day. How does not keeping the animals cum inside smell a lot? I know human cum in the pussy makes the pussy smell like an...