dog and girl

  1. L

    Hi new to all this

    Hello just wanted to ask where i could get guide how to start having sex with my dog he is a German Shepherd of 2 years i have just masturbate him and been amazing would love to fin more help for the next step
  2. C

    New to the community

    I just wanted to say hi to the community, it’s refreshing to be around like mined people. I have always wanted to talk with a women about there experiences. If someone reads this and want to chat let me know I would love to talk to you.
  3. YetiBeast

    Dogcock sucking techniques

    We all love to suck a nice juicy dogcock. But what are your techniques? What is your secret to enjoy to the full? Are small cocks easier to suck?
  4. I

    Is it dangerous to fuck with a street dog?

    Some time ago my girlfriend and I went for a walk in a forest far from the city. Although we had talked about it, it seemed like fate that we found a dog alone in the middle of the forest. First she sucked me, and the dog approached us, she asked me, is he looking? I told him yes, maybe he wants...
  5. badnewsblack

    Do you have a zoo lover radar?

    One thing about this fetish/lifestyle is everyone lurks in the shadows. Unless your on a website like this one you’d never know who shares the same desires… Although some of us can read the signs. Even if it’s the smallest hint buried deep in the fine print. That gut feeling you get when you...
  6. MrsDogFantasy

    Advice om how to include sex with animals in your life

    Hi. First timer on this forum here. Female, just got a 3 as my first number to my age. Happily married and a mother of 2. My husband is the first and only man I have been with. Well, now to what this forum is about. The thought of a male dog fucking me is soo arousing. Whenever I look at movies...
  7. N

    Dog gets hard when I play with him?

    This is our second day with him, I didn't try doing anything with him. I was getting ready to workout and sit on the floor and he instantly started sitting his butt on my legs and was getting hard along with doing some "weird" movements. Didn't let it get further than that because that just...
  8. V

    What is the best thing about having sex with a doggie?

    What do you personally think is the best thing about having sex with a dog!? His penetration, his speed at taking one, or only when knotting and coming!? Or something completely different??:p
  9. B


    What's your plans for this weekend?
  10. benjaminwonders

    Hi I'm new! I have my first question:)

    Hi everyone, i am a new member from Europe. 37 m. I haven't got any experience yet but have been watching videos, especially F/M dog & horse videos make me excited while watching.. I'd like to ask how did you get your pets? For example are you owning street dogs? How do you decide?
  11. B

    Have ur dog tried to fuck u in public?

    I'm so queries if Im gonna relationship with my dog nd what if he will try to fuck me in public it would be so embarrassing🙈🙈 have ur dog ever tried to fuck u in public?? Tell me ur experience 🐶
  12. B

    How to get him ready to fuck me

    My dog is 3 years old, I wanna have sex with him. I never tried before. i want him to fuck me so badly bt im also afraid that what will happen next. How to get him ready to fuck me?
  13. RodriguezH1

    Girls if you have the chance to do a orgy with dogs would you do it?

    My gf wants to try it but we dont have lots of dogs
  14. WerewolfKing

    California Man

    I am a chill guy from the California desert, 36 this month, 5’11 tall, dark blonde hair, blue eyes, nice body, hairy chest, love life and live it to the fullest. I am into dogs. I love fucking dog pussy, nothin like it in the universe, and also LOVE watching women get knotted, which drives me...
  15. vixenkiss99

    Popping my 'zoo' cherry

    Hey everyone! I'm Vixen 22 from Leeds (not my real name) and I wanted to introduce myself on here. It's taken me so long to finally build up the courage to search and join a site like this as I was convinced I was some form of anomaly. I've been on and off addicted to watching vids when I was...

    Hello from Barcelona

    Hello! Im a young woman and Love zoo.
  17. StellasFallow

    Dog cant mount properly?

    Hi! im stella (not real name), and i registered, pretty much just to ask this, me and my dog have been attempting things, but despite him being a very large dog, unless im on my back and on a square straw bale, he cant seem to get it in, when i can get him to mount me on the ground, he seems to...
  18. S

    Is it safe to drink doggy pee?

    Not everyday, Once in a while...
  19. S

    Watersports with dog

    Nothing makes you feel sluttier or more dominated then drinking dog piss. Anyone tried it?
  20. Mitsuro

    Gangbang with dogs

    Ladies and gentlemen, anybody tried to have sex with 5-7 dogs in a row without break with knots? How did you feel after this party? Any risks for man's or woman's health?
  21. K

    I think my bf is dropping hints?

    …Okay, before you say that’s it’s obviously either of the options, let me just state that I’m autistic, so it can be easy for me to miss obvious things. Anyways, I’ve been with my partner for over 4 years. I’ve had a thing for being eaten out by dogs ever since I learned about sex…. It’s...
  22. lucyfuu91

    My very first time

    Hey everyone I would like to share my very first time experience with a dog. At the time, I had a golden retriever who regularly slept in my room. I started watching zoo porn really young and it turned me on every time. I used to regularly touch myself on it, but I never had the idea of trying...
  23. D

    Licking video

    Hmm should i post the video i took last night of my little pup devouring my pussy 😇
  24. knottyazn

    Be tributed by a K9?

    Hi I’m new on here and have never been with a K9, but, it’s a fetish that I would like to explore. I do however have a fetish for being tributed and was jw if anyone is willing to tribute me with themselves or their lovely pet? If this is the wrong place I’m sorry
  25. Kuestano

    How often do you do it outdoors?

    Hello, I'm 19 F, new here, I've been into this since I was 14.. one of my fetishes is outdoor mating and to just embrace the raw animalistic pleasures of being pounded by a young healthy horny doggy.. I was wondering how many of you have actually experienced this and how good does it feel...
  26. F

    24 M, San Jose, Cali

    Looking for some cool females in SoCal or NorCal that’s into male k9’s. I move around cali alot so pretty mobile, pretty new to this as well so just hit me up!
  27. B

    Are men inferior to dogs sexually?

    it's exactly as the title asks, do you (women and gay/bi men) consider sex with male dogs to be universally better than sex with human males? if so is there anything to ever close the gap or do you consider the difference in physiology too greatly in favor of dogs. this is for research so...
  28. Josie

    I was nervous But it happened. My first experience

    Hi, I wanna share something. from last year i'm reading about beastiality and watching videos. But i never had a courage to try myself. Yesterday it happened. I'm 20 and I have 2 yrs old large Mastiff mix.His name is Rex. From last few weeks I let him lick my pussy but I was too nervous to let...
  29. gulfcoastvixen

    33/F panhandle Florida

    Hey I am interested in doing this always have fantasized about this Plus size into bdsm Open book
  30. Eli18

    Preferred position for female dog lovers

    Ladies, in most videos mating of human women and male dogs is done in doggy style. However, I have read a couple of love stories, where the missionary style is the preferred position. What is your experience?