dog and girl

  1. O

    How to have a two-dog house without all the puppies?

    The gf and I are getting ready to explore our zoophilia together. She loves the boys and I love the girls and so we are looking to get two non-neutered dogs (a boy and a girl). But we are worried that we might end up with way more puppies than we can handle. Has anyone else found themselves in...
  2. knotinme9891

    Being cut by dog cock?

    The last two times I’ve been fucked by a certain dog his cock has sliced me open in some fashion. First time with him there was quite the pool of blood, second time was not quite as bad. This did not happen in the previous experience I had with a different dog. Curious if there is anything I can...
  3. knotinme9891

    Finally after 20 years…the fetish itch is scratched

    I (f40s) have a dog fetish that began at a young age. 20 years ago I was fucked by a yellow lab and it was incredible. The cum pouring out of me is something I will never forget. I then ignored the urge for 20 years. Until this week, when I was finally again fucked the way I’m meant to be - on...
  4. anonalias01

    Dog BJ fan intro - here to connect and share

    New to ZV, thanks for being here. Im bi male dog sucker mainly setup acct to connect with others and look at homemade vids/pics. If anyone wants to connect please feel free.
  5. S

    dog sucking fan - new user intro

    hi zoo family, i just discovered this community and cant wait to get to know you wonderful animal lovers. im especially interested in sucking dogs and chatting about it. i mainly watch zoo vids of hot girls sucking big dogs but open to other fets. Im mostly into girls but have a big fetish for...
  6. theheartofitall

    Hi guys!

    Hey everyone! Im an early 30s M here from Vic Australia. Been into watching women and dogs since i was first into porn and I absolutely love it. I am new to this forum thing, or speaking about zoo stuff in the open at all. Are there any other Aussies on here? And How do I reach out...
  7. D

    Hey dog and horse lover from Sydney

    Hey everyone finaly don’t like minded people I’m from western sydney I’ve fucked a horse and a few dogs. I love watching my friend getting fucked by her dog. Unfortunately she has moved away so looking for a new friend to play around with.
  8. R

    need some advice/tips

    hey sorry, i dont know if this is the right spot to put it, however ive only just started getting sexually active with my dog, we haven’t had sex yet but we have tried a few times, however he keeps getting in the wrong hole which gives me pain and i have to stop, i don’t know how to really...
  9. DesireWolf

    22M, looking to talk with women with experience

    Would really like to talk to women how have experience with dogs, horses or others. I really like hearing about your experiences so please message me or respond to this to let me know if you would like to talk & share with me
  10. MixedStud

    Hi! I'm new here but, I've been watching zoo videos for years now

    I hope I'm able to meet up with like minded people someday :) Attached is one of my favorite videos.
  11. wnfo

    Is it possible for a girl to have sex with a wolf?

    Is it possible for a girl to have sex with a wolf? If the answer is no, what is the reason?
  12. wnfo

    who is better, a man or a dog?

    Hello, I have a question directed to girls. Since I am a man who is a little jealous of dogs, in terms of your experience, who satisfies you more, a dog or a man?
  13. JoostNL

    My girlfriends extreme dog experience!

    My girl and I love playing our roles as sub dog lover & her master. These are by far not all our toys! 😏 We (24👧🏼28🧑🏽) would love 2 meet another girl to join our adventure and to try the real deal! (With a friends German Shephard). Xx your favourite Dutch Couple!
  14. R

    28M India

    Hello everyone i am glad i found this site to express about my thought regarding this lifestyle. I am 28y M from india had a little bit of experience in this lifestyle with my Ex gf. We introduced her Pet just for an experiment after watching a video and since then its no going back. Glad to...
  15. C

    The “Whenever he wants it” relationship

    Ladies, do any of you have a “whenever he wants it” relationship with your mate(s)? Obviously there are situations where you can’t be home, it just wouldn’t be acceptable at the time, etc. With that in mind though, to what degree do you let him do whatever he wants to you?
  16. wnfo

    First time post here 😺

    Hello, this is my first day on this beautiful site, which I have never known before. I found great interaction in it and I loved writing an article, I will tell you I love girls who have sex with animals. I feel great ecstasy when I see them, especially the moment the dog inserts a penis into...
  17. rennxx69

    Prevenir contagios

    Hola, también me gustaría saber si alguien supiera apoyarme, como prevenir infecciones después de tener relaciones con mi perro. Muchas gracias.
  18. rennxx69

    Necesito ayuda para que me monten

    Hola, tengo un Pastor belga, y pues realmente me quiero convertir yo en su juguete sexual de él, que mi perro sepa que cada que quiera montarme puede, pero si quiera antes de llegar a esto ni siquiera lo hemos hecho aún. Apenas va a cumplir un año, ¿debería esperar a que sea más grande? Y si no...
  19. J

    What’s a great dog for a young female new to zoo?

    I’ve been thinking about getting a yorki cause they’re amazing ofc ✨ & plus I had a great experience with my aunts yorki. But I want a dog than can do more than lick. I need to be knotted!! Like dick is my go to. Want a big dog but not too big where I can’t control him, I’m only 5’1 😂 Any dog...
  20. J


    Hi guys 👋🏾 💕 I’m a 19 yo ebony & trying to learn more about zoo. Always been intrigued in my teen years but never tried anything until I was licked by a yorki at 17 🔥🔥🔥 My first experience was amazing! Hope to share more later. Bye for now 💋
  21. A

    Am I a zoo?

    Animal mating videos on youtube became my very first porn experience because of how easily accessible they are. I was aroused by them because I didn't know any better. I still watch animals mating and wonder if I'm a pervert because of it. I am not attracted to animals themselves in any way, I...
  22. D

    I want to be mounted [F]

    I want to be mounted by my dogs but I honestly have to clue how to go about this without hurting them or me, if anyone has any tips that would be great
  23. Slut Puppy


  24. Rainn_in

    How does the dog penis penetrate.

    I'm curious about how does the dog penis penetrate a woman's pussy the moment the dog mounts her. I'm aware that it only gets erect once inside but I wanted to know in detail as to how it feels when the penetration occurs. How much of the penis enters at first when the dog suddenly starts...
  25. Z

    Questions about allergies

    Hello! I have a few questions about allergies, especially dog allergies. I've let a dog mount me once, and I got an anaphylactic reaction. Possibly because of the dog semen. And well that scared me. I've been trying to look into this a lot but with little to no answers. So my questions are: Does...
  26. J

    I need advice on my GF and her dog

    So I have never had any experience with this stuff and I was afraid to try reddit so I went this a site more anonymous to protect our identities. I've been with my girlfriend D for about 3 months, but I have known her since we were kids over 10 years as really good friends. we started having...
  27. L

    Hi new to all this

    Hello just wanted to ask where i could get guide how to start having sex with my dog he is a German Shepherd of 2 years i have just masturbate him and been amazing would love to fin more help for the next step
  28. C

    New to the community

    I just wanted to say hi to the community, it’s refreshing to be around like mined people. I have always wanted to talk with a women about there experiences. If someone reads this and want to chat let me know I would love to talk to you.
  29. YetiBeast

    Dogcock sucking techniques

    We all love to suck a nice juicy dogcock. But what are your techniques? What is your secret to enjoy to the full? Are small cocks easier to suck?
  30. badnewsblack

    Do you have a zoo lover radar?

    One thing about this fetish/lifestyle is everyone lurks in the shadows. Unless your on a website like this one you’d never know who shares the same desires… Although some of us can read the signs. Even if it’s the smallest hint buried deep in the fine print. That gut feeling you get when you...