1. knottydog916

    20’s fit f NorCal

    Heya! I’m in the Sacramento area, looking for likeminded friends and animal play partners 😋 Drop a pic of your favorite/ideal animal partner 🥰 pic of my 🍑 for tax
  2. newbmd2020

    New here. 39 M

    Hello. Just another long time listener, first time caller thread. I'm new to the forum but have been around on other forums and even the old bulletin boards going back to the dial up days. I'm a 39 year old guy from California and have had dogs most of my adult life. I am partial to big floofs...
  3. hrnydesertmom

    About me :)

    Hi, I’m a 23 year old unsatisfied mom and wife. I’ve been eaten out by a dog and loved the feeling- I wish I could be a dog prostitute lol I wanna feel it again ): idk how to find people like me around here
  4. Thirstee4seed

    New here, I have to make 10 of these?

    A friend from across the country(US) referred me here bc I'm in Cali and struggling to find fun, safe, & like-minded friends. So... one down, nine more to go. Unless I totally misunderstood. Anyway. I am in neeed but am willing to be patient ❤
  5. barkeby

    Safety while browsing/legality concerns in CA, USA

    Hello all, I joined not long ago but just want to create this thread to see if anyone knows of the legality of browsing/downloading non self created zoo porn in California. I read Ca penal code section 286.5, but I could only find from 2019 and wouldn't be suprised if it has been updated since...
  6. sackboy

    Started a New Location Based Group (California)

    Hello everyone for all of those located in California I started a new group specifically for Ventura County as some Cali groups are inactive and dead quiet. I hope you drop in and say hello! I’d love to see where this goes. The group is called Ventura County Zoo
  7. J

    How to find people who will let their dog f*ck you?

    Unfortunately, I don't have a dog/any other animal that can fuck me or I can fuck. I also don't know anybody that would let their dog fuck me and don't know of anywhere to find someone who would. I live in a state where bestiality is illegal, so I don't want to go around yelling it out for all...