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ZooVille Title/Ranking System


You should include that posts in Fun & Games don't count towards you total (Dumpster Fire really shouldn't either by the way).
agree to disagree there, if you’re brave enough to go into the dumpster fire, you should get some sort of recognition lmao


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I have question: how many posts should I have to upload my artworks on forum?
No post count requirements to be able to post media on the open forums, but if you want to send media through PM to have to be at least a Settler, which is 150 posts.

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Out of interest, what does the Reaction score do? Does it register at all?

I appreciate the scripting would be a nause but to include Fun and Games could work on word-count. Over a certain number and it would trigger a post-count.
Reaction score doesn't count for crap. Trust me, I've asked about it. It is kind of useless. I wish it did count for something.