Small Breast Lovers?


Hi there

I just wanted a take on this because I'm curious...

Do people find girls with small breasts attractive? :( I have small boobs and I've never once been told about how somebody likes them or etc.

I just wanted to know if there was other people who appreciate smaller chests like I Do? It's an aspect of myself I'm shy about so I would like to talk to others who enjoy it so I Can feel like i'm sexy for once...

Let's talk about little tiddies!
I love small tyddies


i'm intereste to see all these responses!! It got more attention and positivity than I thought it would. It's a great community around here!

I do feel a little better about myself and I will admit I'm considering a boob job just to appease society's standard but I realize taht's stupid... i just should love who I am and it might take sometime but I'm glad to know people out there would find someone like me attractive
Don't. Dangerous, risky, maiming.


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Women with tiny breasts think that they're not beautiful but they're absolutely gorgeous. Breasts are breasts, they're going to turn on the person who enjoys them no matter what I like big boobs small boobs saggy boobs perky boobs doesn't matter their boobs I'm going to enjoy them nonetheless. The thing is girls with small breasts are never fucking interested in big Burly bears like me so you say that no one likes your boobs but I can come right back at you and say well you're not interested in big chubby bears. So beauty is in the eye of the beholder.