Movie idra naked and nerd and gay for horse dick.

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20200714_060206_0004.png1604731740272.jpg Want to learn to suck horse dick manual ground collection orall sperm collection. I want to make an movie from a breeding stable on uneversity, make a study on horse sperm as supplament and meal replacment using uneversity student for monitoring of a test subject .
The only food source is breeding stallions inside a locked stable.

Test subject is me and i must be naked and suck horse dick wjen i sm hungery. If horse sperm can work as s superfood . Volunteering for this at a uneversity stable on a contry where it is legal.

Horse sperm survial training in the wilderness where only horse sperm have any nutritional value no water no other food than sucking horse dick and swallow.

Naked and afraid horse sperm survical. I want to make it a movie if possible.

Making this a student project reserch on new suplament and photographer myultimedia and artist, vet and personal trainer. Doctor students and me as the test subject.
Naked nerd now and for students monitorinng a test subject sucking horse fick and drinking it down on live streem to the uneversity campus, were i am a scientific exsperiment for how to be a horse beastiality whore gay for horses but straight for schiool girls. Fucking student girls horse girls and be used as an test subject gor breeding horses dick sucking naked doing important voluntering work.

Me naked one week horsecumdiet.
I can dream1604731740272.jpg20200714_060206_0004.png
Ja i was thinking abou it.
Hello i sm from norway and i am so ready for sucking a stallin


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