1. DexDaPhonkFarmer

    Giving Up Equality to be a Breeding Whore?

    Would you give up your equality and freedom as a human and become the bottom bitch of a farm or house full of dogs? Devoting yourself to being a proper breeding bitch for the house and never saying no to ANY cock? Obeying all rules? A breeding whore is less than human, always to be degraded...
  2. Breedinglover951

    Early breeding season...

    So if you go through my previous posts I am anxious to be bred this year to my Boer buck. He was showing interest in our Boer doe back in June but wasn’t mounting, just sniffs and talking to her. She wasn’t very receptive to his flirting as well. Well yesterday I went to the barn and he was...
  3. Annso

    Anyone experienced with Pitbulls ?

    I am really curious to know how Pitbulls are to play with ? What I heard they can be very persistent and also pretty wild and rough breeders. I have a chance to get involved with some, but they are studs currently used only for breeding. Is this an advantage or not if you engage with them ? I...
  4. N

    Movie idra naked and nerd and gay for horse dick.

    Want to learn to suck horse dick manual ground collection orall sperm collection. I want to make an movie from a breeding stable on uneversity, make a study on horse sperm as supplament and meal replacment using uneversity student for monitoring of a test subject . The only food source is...
  5. D

    Do you let your animal smell your grool/ovulation discharges?

    I do sometimes let my dog lick my grool especially when ovulating. There is something erotic in letting the dog know I am in heat ready for breeding and fertilization. I always spread my legs and let all the goodies drip
  6. Madtraxxas

    Hello everyone

    Hello Im new to this site. I hope im in the right place im really interested in being used/breed by animals has anyone done anything like this? Or organised anything that would fulfill my fantasy/needs?
  7. A

    What’s your favourite dog breeds??

    My Favourite picks are: Rottweiler, Weimaraner and Hungarian Vizsla. What about you?
  8. MRYP

    Should my female get puppies?

    "I want to breed my dog" Everyone probably thought about having a puppy off of their own dog at one point in their life. I surely did. But breeding dogs, isn't as "easy" as it seems, because there are many questions and facts that come along with having the desire to breed ones dog: - Is my...
  9. broodmare951

    Any AI (artificial insemination) fantasies ??

    I have a fantasy of receiving the AI from a stallion or stallions. I would love someone to put me in palpating stocks like a mare and insert a syringe (1000+ ml) of horse semen into me exactly as they would a mare. Ofcourse I have live cover and other breeding fantasies as well.