How would you rate your own physical attraction?


Curious as to how people view their own physical attractiveness. Where do you feel you stand?


I was feeling pretty good until covid hit... between not being able to go to the grocery store where I got my healthy food, getting promoted to a desk job, and then a year later getting fired and being sedentary for four months... I feel like a lard now, despite my friends assuring me I'm not lol. Now that I have a new job I'm hoping to shed this extra weight and get myself back in my personal good graces!


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Looking at me surely won't melt your eyes out of your skull, that's for sure. But nah, I'd say I'm average looking. I'm taller than average, I have a bit of a "dad bod" that I could honestly lose if I worked out a bit more, and I still have some leftover muscle definition from when I was a gym rat several years ago. I'm also mostly symmetrical which I know plays a large role in attractiveness.
For me and my age (so I am told), I still look pretty good. Some say I look like an older biker. The long dirty blond hair,green eyes draw attention but also, the way I handle myself and my approach (some are affraid to talk to me). I can make you laugh or make you cry. I always have a good, true story to tell or a funny moment. It sounds like I have an ego but, I don't. I am the hardest on myself. My opinion about me - nothing to write home about. I'd say maybe a 6 out of 10 😕

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20063988_0_600_450.jpgThis is my mantra. Plus I look like I'm 11.
Ok not 11, but I do look really young for being a few years shy of 40 and it's pretty heckin annoying. Getting carded at bars and having bouncers stare at your ID for way too long in a group of people when you are technically old enough to be the bouncer's dad, well it's just annoying. I have this irrational fear that, since I basically look the same as I did in my early 20s, I am going to wake up one day and it all hit at once. So, there's that.


Maybe a 6/10, during my awkward teen years I've been mistaken to be a girl too many times for comfort.
small cute nose,baby ears,a smooth face *never had pimples and an oily face*,an ok voice and finally my puppy eyes.
But now in my 20s I'm a bit more muscular,deeper voice and having facial hair, if i work on myself i could be a 7


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A solid 3.5 out of 10.

Iam tall, I got some muscles, and iam not ugly. I got nice skin, and even tho iam almost 34, I still look overall like iam 25 at max.

But still iam way to fat (working on it), and tho iam not ugly, iam not pretty either.


Whatever it is. It's probably higher than I think it is according to people. I don't feel particulary attractive but girls say I kinda am. Which is nice to hear. I've always felt like a 5/10. Being tall helps my case I think.


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I don’t rate myself. Never cared what opinions had to say. The best attractions are the ones your not looking for.


I'd say a 7/10 currently, 8/10 on a good day. I keep up with trends, stay cleaned cut and relatively in shape (haven't worked out in quite a while - losing some ab definition). If I can get back on the wagon, I could push to a steady 8/10 and maybe reach 8.5! For the area I'm in though (southern US), I'm easily a 9 or 10 to a lot of people simply because I care about my appearance.