How long has your lifestyle been like this


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Basically my whole life. Before things turned sexual around puberty... I was still happier being around animals than most people.


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i dont know but things were great until people started getting addicted to drugs, money grabby, hooked on politics, treating sex like a game to win that somebody has to lose.
our friends go to school and they all come back as dogs eating dogs, and my friends hanging out with these dogs eating dogs becomes a dog eater too. in debt up to their eyeballs and racing for retirement they all got the antisocial blood out for themselves fiending to make porn to pay off the dumb they learned, thinking their babies gon grow up to be a pro b-ball player and save them from dining on their best friends. but now its too late they like the taste and adrenaline of that sport hunting us.

aint always been like this for me but this crackpot of a culture been up to no good. hell no. we cant get that sweet horse sugar if we dont blow a nest egg like a rotten bird, man. people dont act like people anymore and they dont act like no good animals neither. swear that bullshit they learn in school and church makes them all like they been living on the street but they shown and telln like pre-k on tik tok and z-ville. they all pushin instacrap reels now and no good honey from animals, for reels.
know what i mean? they all got fake boobs man and the tits in their heads. nobody know if they a boy or girl no more, they thinkin the baby is the dog.
all we ever wanted was to tongue wax a horses ass like a powdered donut and fuck with willin dogs and farm crits like we was straight bi knowing what we wanted for real and gettin it. these dogs want us to be a supastar and PhD in rocket science like we gonna find honey on the moon, like winnie the pooh.
dont like bears, man. they after the garbage like gold, come out looking like Mr T for trash. know what I mean?
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There were hints when I was very young, but nothing I understood or pursued until I saw my first man&dog porn. When I became aware that sex with animals was a thing that could happen, I quickly came to realize it was something I was very interested in.

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As far back as I can remember. I found myself being very curious and fantasizing about male dogs before I ever did humans. I had a few different k9 partners years before I ever did anything with a human.


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My early teens since continuously. Nothing has changed, I still live with female dogs then and now. Only my experience and my packs have increased.


Checked some zoo sites once / month but i feel more confident with communities like this one. Still only 23, this world is new for me ^^


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I started with furry art, and occasionally looked at the real deal. But I always felt bad afterwards. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I really sat down and thought about what I was attracted to. Eventually I accepted it. So about 3 years. Before that I just kind of accepted that I wasn't really interested in human partners.


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Very true it has changed and evolved, lets say then how long have i lived on my own with a furry partner, 28 years now and counting