Have you ever...



HYE been forced to spend a night or extended period of time with someone you did not wish to spend it with (outside marriage, family, etc.)?


Zooville Settler
I did once many years ago, she forgave me but I didn't and we split a few months later, luckily we are still good friends

Have you ever driven on a beach?


Citizen of Zooville
Way too often, I seem to attract bugs and I would understand if it was flies or something cause then I would just take note and shower more but for me it's like "why did two mosquitos in a row just try to fly up my nose" and "how did this month end up in my ear" 😤

Hye intentionally eaten a bug??


Zooville Settler
Yes, earlier I used to be like "eww spiders, get out" but now if I see them in my hallway for example, I let them be if they are smaller.

HYE wanted to fall asleep but then suddenly heard a mosquito buzzing around your ears, so that you had to stand up again to eliminate the mosquito?


Zooville Settler
Haha yes, started touching myself and once I've also taken a pic of my sexy mature professor while she was talking on screen.

HYE intentionally shown more of your cleavage than probably appropriate just to tease during a video call ?